10 Quick Tips to improve MEMORY DRAWING #4 – Art Forge

Hello friends today we are going to talk about quick 10 tips to improve your memory drawing keep in mind that memory drawing can be easily improved by increasing your observation and awareness tip number one always do thumbnail size rough sketches before starting the final memory drawing this will help you get your ideas onto paper usually what happens when we do rough sketches we get many more ideas which then helps us improve our results this also helps us to decide whether we should compose memory drawing horizontally or vertically tip number two when we do the final drawing we should always draw it lightly and place everything first that is compose it properly only after that should we do the final drawing and fair this will help us avoid mistakes and errors and to make sure that overall the composition is looking good or whether it needs to be improved tip number three always draw the figure that is the main figure little inside of the page facing for at least two finger inside and not towards the edge of the paper or margin tip number four give an outline to whole memory drawing with sketch pen marker or brush use whatever medium you are comfortable with it gives it a sense of completeness and makes it look prominent it also enhances the look of the memory drawing always paint with different sized brushes like small big flat round etc tip number five try to overlap figures over each other not too much but where you need it to be this helps to make the drawing look more real happening loose figure doesn’t look happening it looks fake and unreal tip number six maintain a sense of balance in whole drawing the drawing shouldn’t be too empty or too crowded it shouldn’t be that the figures are so many that there is no room to add background or in the whole drawing there are least figures and there is only background to be seen tip number seven show perspective in drawing as well as coloring create depth by using both two things perspective in drawing where the main figure is in front and appropriate to the size of paper and the figures that are in the back should be smaller and smaller make use of one or two point perspective while coloring the main and active figure use fresh colors and bright colors as well as a lot of details while coloring the background it should be faded and light and with little less details use proper light and shadow while coloring the memory drawing tip number eight try to catch the right mood according to the subject of the memory drawing if the subject is intense for instance an accident scene it shouldn’t be happy or humorous it means seriousness and mid-tone colors when it is a happy or a party scene colors needs to be fresh and exciting and bright tip number nine practice drawing figures thoroughly various figures such as fat, old, young, sitting, moving, sleeping, walking, etc these figures can be used in various memory drawings and if you find them hard to draw at least practice such figures and this practice is called as sketching tip number 10 to avoid your drawing turning muddy and dull make use of two bowls of water one to clean brushes in and other one to draw clean water for to prepare colors built using same muddy and dirty water to prepare colors make colors lose its intensity and freshness One extra tip for this video is tip number 11 Avoid using eraser while drawing they ruin the texture of the paper practice more and more to finish your drawing well within the time if you found this video helpful please like and share with those who need to see this for any queries and doubt please comment below we will definitely try to help you SUBSCRIBE by clicking on the bell icon to get updates about more such videos thank you for watching wish you all the best Art Forge be expressive stay creative

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