Month: October 2017

Launching a Memory Café (1 Hour and 16 minutes)

Hello and welcome. My name is Laney Bruner-Canhoto. I’m the Director of Waiver Quality Management Systems at the Department of Developmental Services. This training comes from an identified need to increase support for people with IDD who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, as well as increasing the support for their caregivers. DDS, in collaboration with providers,

Korean Movie Detective in 40 minutes Sub INDO ENG

Distributed by Lotte Home Shopping (Inc) Lotte Entertainment Provided/Produced by Sway Entertainment One of the suspects had mixed Aioken poison in the drink but the man began to gulp the drink without any suspicion. He was twirling in pain vomiting white foam. Suddenly… What’s wrong? Hey, Teu-In. Teu-In Tak. What’s wrong with you man! What?

LBCC – Memory Tricks

Okay i’m gonna go ahead and start uh… today’s workshop is called memory tricks and the reason that next week’s workshop is called more memory tricks is because i know a lot of tricks and i can’t get them all in one workshop so more of the same next week if you find today’s workshop