Month: October 2017

Why elephants never forget – Alex Gendler

It’s a common saying that elephants never forget, but these magnificent animals are more than giant walking hard drives. The more we learn about elephants, the more it appears that their impressive memory is only one aspect of an incredible intelligence that makes them some of the most social, creative and benevolent creatures on Earth.

How Music Affects Your Brain

Align:start if your favorite song makes you cry it is because it is literally changing your brain chemistry Anthony here for news and our relationship with music might be deeper than you think research has shown that brain waves will resonate with the beat of music and that makes your breathing and your heartbeat actually

How Good is Your Memory?

I’m going to show you a series of numbers, and you need to recall them when I ask. Ready? 6,3,4,7,1,5,2. This is a picture of my dog, who in my opinion is ridiculously good looking. Do you remember the series of numbers? If you got all 7, in the right order, your working memory is,