Month: November 2017

How Your Memory Can Be Tricked

It’s easy to assume that your memory works like a camera. You know how camera works, so it’s like how memories work. You take snapshots of your life, and sometimes it’s hard to find a picture, or you accidentally delete one. But the ones you keep are a good record of what actually happened. But

Memory2-Hétköznapi fejlödés

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Eidetic memory

Eidetic memory is an ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision for a few minutes without using mnemonics. It occurs in a small number of children and is virtually non-existent in adults. The word eidetic comes from the Greek word εἶδος. Overview Eidetic memory is the ability to recall images

Baics of Flash Memory Operation: Part 2

These different tunneling regimes can also be classified in terms of the potential drop that you get across your oxides. So for a Fowler-Nordheim tunneling. the defining parameter is that you have this potential drop across your oxide, which I’ve labelled as Vox, this should be greater than the barrier that your uh,carriers see for