Month: November 2017

How Do Babies Become Bilingual?

You know that feeling when you get tongue-tied, and words come out as a jumbled mess? Maybe you forget a word, or have mushy grammar, or your pronunciation is all wrong. There are a lot of things to keep track of! It seems like learning one language would be hard enough for babies, who already

How Do People Develop a Stutter?

[INTRO ♪] Public speaking is terrifying for a lot of people, and it was especially stressful for people like Isaac Newton and England’s King George VI— because at some point, they each had a stutter. The exact symptoms vary, but someone who stutters has trouble speaking in fluid, connected sentences. Which is not fun to

Memory palaces – learning science

A memory palace is a type of memory technique where you imagine a physical location to help you remember more abstract information. The reason that memory palaces work is that our brains are better at remembering images and locations, as opposed to abstract things like names and numbers. Let’s start with an example to show