Month: January 2018

Psyc 104 Week 4 – Amazing Memory

(Male voice, host) Daniel Tammet, an Englishman, a 27-year-old math and memory wizard. I was born November 8, 1931. That’s a prime number, 1931. You were born on a Sunday. In this year, your birthday will be on a Wednesday. (laughs) And you’ll be 75. Precisely. (Host) It’s estimated there are only 50 true savants

Memory Lane

As I stroll down memory lane. I see your sweet face again And hear you say I love you, And that you will always be true Now my memory dims more each day Familiar faces seem to fade away My hair once so black has turned grey And I sit home alone every day Memories,

Can You Remember This?

I will list the 15 words on your hearing Then, I want you to write what you can Asthoudarh them. Ready to listen? OK Acid Lovely Candy honey sugar Soda Bitter chocolate good heart Taste Cakes age Pie Sweet Pie This section stopped now and what you can without words without cheating Even if confused,

How Do You Define A Disorder?

Do you ever feel really bummed? Okay, maybe that’s a silly question because, like, everyone’s gonna have a crappy day at some point. Right? But how do you know if you’re just feeling sad, or if you’ve crossed over into something like clinical depression? The answer to that depends on how researchers define psychological disorders,