Month: January 2018

Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

There’s all kinds of stereotypes about what your position in your family says about you. Oldest kids are the most responsible, the ones in the middle are rebels and since I’m the youngest, I must be spoiled. And sorry only children, according to society you’re selfish. It’s called birth order theory. And it might sound

Karl Taylor discusses iPhoneX photo portrait mode! Really?, Manfrotto 57 tripod & Answers Questions

Camera check camera rolling sound check sound right broadcast check action hello I’m Karl Taylor welcome to Karl Taylor photography live YouTube Facebook joint broadcast rants now that’s if we’ve got the technology working this joint Facebook and YouTube live thing is quite a task for our tech team over there who are busily plugging


— MUSIC — LORTON: This is my great uncle, Jim Savage. He was a doctor who lived in San Bernardino, where everyone knew him as “Doc.” Uncle Jim attended Stanford University in Northern California during the 1930’s. While he was there, he met and married his wife, Barbara Steinbeck, my grandmother’s sister. Doc graduated from