Month: February 2018

[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.1-1

[Another suicide attack in Pakistan] Shooting attack in Munich, Germany – leaving 9 people dead – The drummer was – and 20 people injured. – playing at the concert and – 18 year-old… – he collapsed. That was the start of the terror attack. Those who survived were on the floor… [fMRI: Successful imaging and

Enhanced Memory

I’m going to tell you about a revolutionary product that will change your life. I Has a Web Link in the Description Area placed. Underneath this video Do you remember Ken Jennings and his long finish line the popular tv show He is a long-lasting brain user. pills brain pills is an addition made by

Speed Reading Software: QuickEye Speed Reading

0:00:00.770,0:00:06.480 Hi everyone this is Ryan England with QuickEye Speed Reading and I’m going to give you guys a quick tour of the software today0:00:06.480,0:00:08.719 just double click to load it 0:00:08.719,0:00:12.569 and give it a second as it loads 0:00:12.569,0:00:17.810 OK, this is the login page select your account and click login 0:00:17.810,0:00:20.550 this