Month: February 2018

[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.2-1

[Oh Hayoung_Yoo Hari] [Ko Yoon_No Jinwoo] [Song Seungkook_Woo Minyoung] [Hwang Sohee_Seo Hee] [Jeong Eunhye_Song Sunha] [Lee Sangah_Jeong Jisun] [Love In Memory] What was that? Did that person die? No… Maybe I didn’t see it right. Let’s go check. They were here… Maybe I didn’t see it right. No way. You were late again? Sorry. It’s

Double Your Phone Storage for Free

Hey whats up guys, I’m ThioJoe And in this video im going to show you how you can double the amount of flash storage in your phone without having to buy anything special without breaking your phone or anything like that its actually surprisingly easy and as usual first I’m going to explain how this

Grown (Pt.1)

Eidetic, adjective, relating to or denoting mental images having unusual Rae: I went on a picnic with my first serious boyfriend here. Danielle: Just hugging it every night before I went to bed and it was just kinda my… my safe thing in my life. Rae: I’ve had a lot of memories at William’s house

Where Do Deleted Files Go?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. But now I’m not. I’m gone like 90% of the original silent films ever made. Six of the seven wonders of the ancient world deleted, like that text you thought twice about sending or a Snapchat photo, right? When Stalin decided that Trotsky was an enemy of the state, he had