Month: March 2018

[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.3-1

[Oh Hayoung as Yoo Hari] [Ko Yoon as No Jinwoo] [Song Seungkoo as Woo Minyoung] [Hwang Sohee as Seo Hee] [Jeong Eunhye as Song Sunha] [Lee Sangah as Jeong Jisun] [Love In Memory] What’s going on? What’s wrong with you? Stop. Go away. Stop. Drop the knife. Drop the knife. Hari. Hari. Did you check

10 People with photographic memory

Align:start a number of people claim to have eidetic memory the following video contains the list of ten people who have claimed photographic memory number one Sukarno the father of Indonesian independence and the first president of the Republic of Indonesia is said to have had a photographic memory which helped him in his language