Month: April 2018

Wallflower erases Sunset an Trixie’s Memories – MLP: Equestria Girls [Forgotten Friendship]

“Eeh-! Augh-! Teh-! Ugh-! Kah-!” “What did I do to you? Honesty, I don’t even know you!” “Exactly!” “You had everyone fooled, but now, they know you’re still: The Biggest Meanie.” “You’re about to see how mean I can get!” “Woah-! Woah, woah, woah, woah.” “Let’s not antagonize the person with the all-powerful mystery rock.”

Sadhguru on Karma and Memory

(Sadhguru): Now the essence of all this is, first thing is to understand the nature of how existence is happening. Either you can look at this (Gestures) or you can look at the atom or you can look at the universe. If you want to look at the universe, it is complex, it is difficult