Month: May 2018

Memory Profiling 101 (100 Days of Google Dev)

ALEX DANILO: The Android ecosystem is booming with devices. You’ve got phones, tablets, wearables, casts, tangos, cardboards, and even cars. And savvy developers know that the most important rule for creating stable, consistent performance across all of these platforms has to do with one simple thing– memory. My name is Alex Danilo, and the key

Save Money on RAM.. with Optane??

Alright, time for a build. 8700k? Check. Z370 motherboard? Check too. RAM? One stick?! Hold on. Where the devil is the other RAM? Aaand… That’s actually a terrific question. DRAM has been in a global shortage allegedly due to collusion between the major producers, for months! So when Intel reached out asking for some creative