Month: May 2018

Improve Your Memory In 4 Minutes

– [Jessica] We all wish we were better at remembering something, but many of us use the excuse that– – My brain can only hold so much information. – [Jessica] Or. – I’m just really bad at remembering names. – Turns out there’s no such thing as a terrible memory, only an untrained one. (upbeat

[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.2

[Oh Hayoung_Yoo Hari] [Ko Yoon_No Jinwoo] [Song Seungkook_Woo Minyoung] [Hwang Sohee_Seo Hee] [Jeong Eunhye_Song Sunha] [Lee Sangah_Jeong Jisun] [Love In Memory] What was that? Did that person die? No… Maybe I didn’t see it right. Let’s go check. They were here… Maybe I didn’t see it right. No way. You were late again? Sorry. It’s

Review & Config TCA PRC-152A

Hi guys, welcome to another video of I’m Lion and this is the TCA PRC-152 radio. But before we start I want to thank Fran who, without knowing me much He came to a game just to give me this big box and told me “For you to make comparisons between TRI and TCA”

Extraordinary Variations of the Human Mind: McGaugh: Memory Miller: Savantism Ward: Synaesthesia:

(upbeat piano music) – [Narrator] We are the paradoxical ape. Bipedal. Naked. Large-brained. Long the master of fire, tools and language. But still trying to understand ourselves. Aware that death is inevitable. Yet filled with optimism. We grow up slowly. We hand down knowledge. We empathize and deceive. We shape the future from our shared