Month: May 2018

Michelle Wolf’s “Disgraceful” Performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner | The Daily Show

We have a lot of laughs here at The Daily Show, but comedy isn’t just about jokes. It’s also about being polite and respecting authority. Unfortunately, it seems that some comedians, like Michelle Wolf, don’t understand that. Now, if you’re new to the show, Michelle Wolf used to be a writer and contributor here until

Lesson 96 Vocabulary – Learn English – Proficient Level C2

Welcome to Languages247. Vocabulary. Lesson 96 Electrical engineer Mechanical engineer Home craft tools Mechanical appliances Epic poems Eidetic memory Before receiving financial backing To develop a range of electrical devices Alternating current a pioneer Direct current Patents To gain the upper hand War of currents reducing power loss Incandescent light bulb Electrical distribution system To