6 Ways to Delete or Format a Write Protected USB

6 Ways to Delete or Format Write Protected USB. Solution 1: Click on StorageDevicePolicies if present. If not, skip to solution 2 (0:46) Change value of WriteProtect to 0, then try format the USB again Solution 2: If no StorageDevicePolicies No StorageDevicePolicies Right click on Control folder -> New -> Key Rename to StorageDevicePolicies Right click on the folder -> New -> DWORD (if 32-Bit Windows) OR QWORD (if 64-bit Windows) Rename to WriteProtect Check the value is 0 Eject USB, unplug it and put it back in, then try format If it still doesn’t work for you, try Solution 3 Solution 3: diskpart command Type: diskpart then press enter Type list disk then press enter We will now confirm that disk 1 is the USB by ejecting and unplugging the USB (don’t put back in yet) Type list disk then press enter The disk that now says ‘no media’ is the confirmed USB (disk 1 for me).

We do this to be safe so that we don’t accidentally format the harddrive Replug the USB back in, type list disk and press enter again to confirm it is back in Next, type select disk 1 (or a different number depending on what you found before) and press enter Type attributes disk 1 (or a different number depending on what you found before) and press enter If Read-only state is Yes, proceed with this step, otherwise skip to solution 4 (3:55) Type attributes disk clear readonly and press enter Type clean and press enter, then try to format If there is an error with clean, go to solution 4 (3:55). If it works, type create partition primary and press enter, then type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter Solution 4: chkdsk command Type chkdsk d: (or different letter depending on what drive your USB is in) and press enter Type y and press enter. Note the unrecoverable error in folder Type y and press enter Type chkdsk d: /f (swap d: with different letter if USB is in different drive) If that does not work for you, try Solution 5 Solution 5: external program format Search for HDD LL format tool Click on your USB, then press continue Click on low-level format, then format this device Try format again.

If this does not work for you, try solution 6 Solution 6: UTILS replace (links in description) Download, extract and run ChipGenius Click on your USB Take note of the VID and PID numbers Go to flashboot.ru/iflash/ and enter your VID/PID numbers Note the chip (flash) vendor and Chip Part Number (flash model) Under the UTILS, if there is a word, or a link, search it on Google to find downloadable files to repair the USB.

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