7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power

Hey, your going to like this one, 7 riddles that will test your brain power our brain is a mysterious thing we know more about stars then about the thing inside our heads but, what we do know about the brain, is that it gets less sharp and productive with age. Eh wad’ya say? Never mind. Do you want to test your brain power and calculate its approximate age? Watch this video til the end to find out the results. You have a maximum of twenty seconds for each task but, try to answer the questions as fast as possible. Counting down, here’s test number seven. Take a very close look at these two photographs. What is the mistake they have in common? If you still can’t figure it out, let’s turn the photos upside down. It looks horrible, right? The eyes and lips of both women are upside down, but your brain doesn’t recognize that immediately. The things is, the brain is not used to seeing eyes and lips in that position.

There is another interesting experiment. Some people can turn their tongues upside down; [talking with tongue upside down] Like this. Hit the like button if you were one of them. if you can do it and touch the left side of your tongue it will sense the touch from the opposite side, because evolution never taught the the brain to read the sensation on the tongue in that position Test number 6 how many holes does this t-shirt have? what mine oh oh the one on the screen never mind the question doesn’t specify which holes exactly.

So the right answer is 8 there are the neckline, two sleeves, the bottom of the t-shirt and four holes in the middle , two in the front and two in the back Test Number 5: How would you name this tree? (clock ticking) (ding) Write the names that came to your mind in the comments section below, but the actual challenge was to notice the camouflaged bird on the tree.

If you did it, well done. (Music) Test number 4 Can you manage this one in 5 seconds? I’ll give you 20 seconds, but try to solve it as fast as possible. (clock ticking) The mistake is not in the numbers, Or their colors. The mistake is that the word “spot” appears twice. Your brain doesn’t always show you the reality. It often shows you what it is used to. There are many short texts on the internet that have repeating words that most people don’t notice until they finish the text and read the description.

If you have bad eyes, you might’ve noticed that things- most often words you couldn’t see from a distance become clearer when somebody tells you whats written there. It’s not that your eyes became better. It’s your brain completes the picture. (music) test 3 can you see a hidden baby that’s not mine either.

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