Amazing LifeHack – Dual Sim and MicroSD card working Same time (simultaneously)

Amazing Life-hack – Dual Sim and Micro SD card Working simultaneously For This You need A SIM , SD card, Gas Lighter, Super Glue, Forceps Cut The sim card If you have a micro sim or nano sim you don’t need to cut it Marking on the sim for the direction I need to glued the sim. If you do it wrong. It will not work Burn the sim card for 1 – 2 second with gas lighter Don’t over burn it might fry the SIM card chip.

Remove the plastic with forceps SIM chip successfully removed. Glued the SIM chip with SD card. Remember the direction of the sim card. Its time to check the sim card if it is working or not Follow this diagram Glued the sim with the SD card as shown in the picture Glued the SIM chip wrong way sim card will not detect by the phone. You can use super glue. But you will not able to remove the SIM chip without breaking the SD card and SIM Use some alligator clip to hold the sim tight So there will be less space between SD card and SIM CHIP and it will help you insert it easily inside the phone You can use super glue but I don’t recommend it. Check the SIM Chip. How good it is glued with SD card DISCLAIMER: DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, WE SHALL NOT RESPONSIBLE ON YOUR LOST OF YOUR PHONE or YOUR NANO SIM CARD or INJURY I am using using XIAOMI redmi 3 phone I will works it any other phone too Push the sim tray genteelly Both SIM card working With SD card Thanks for watching Like Subscribe

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