“Assassin’s Creed 1”, HD walkthrough (100% + Subtitles), Memory Block 2: Traitor + Tamir (Damascus)

Gotta say that’s a little creepy, Doc, waking up to you standing over me. You’ve been watching me sleep? We’re always watching you. Now get up. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Oooh, wonder who I get to kill today. Don’t be so cavalier! Your ancestors almost had the right idea, Mr. Miles. If the deaths of a few people… evil people, no less… could save the lives of thousands more, well… it seems a small sacrifice. What do you mean, “almost”? They didn’t go far enough! To use a rather tired analogy, corruption is no different than cancer.

Cut out the tumors, but fail to treat the source and… well, you’re buying time at best. There’s no true change to be had without comprehensive, systemic intervention. Chemo for the masses. Education. RE-education, to be more precise. But it’s not easy, and it doesn’t always take. Let me guess, you’ve got a better solution. What is it then? Haha, now that would be telling. I am… alive. But I saw you stab me. Felt death’s embrace.

You saw what I wanted you to see… and then you slept the sleep of the dead, of the womb. That you might awake, and be reborn. To what end? Do you remember, Altair, what it is the Assassins fight for? Peace, in all things. Yes, in ALL things! It is not enough to end the violence one man commits upon another. It refers to peace within as well.

You cannot have one without the other. So it is said. So it is! But you, my son, have not found inner peace! It manifests in ugly ways! You are arrogant and over-confident. Were you not the one to say that “nothing is true and everything is permitted”? You do not understand the true meaning of the phrase, my child. It does not grant you the freedom to do as you wish, it is a knowledge meant to guide your senses. It expects a wisdom you clearly lack. Then what is to become of me? I should kill you for the pain you brought upon us. Malik thinks it only fair, your life in exchange for his brother’s. But this would be a waste of my time and your talents. You’ll see that you’ve been stripped of your possessions. Your rank as well. You are a novice, a child once more, as you were on the day you first joined our Order. I am offering you a chance at redemption… you’ll earn your way back into the Brotherhood.

I assume you have something planned. First you must prove to me you remember how to be an Assassin. So you’d have me take a life? No. Not yet, at least. For now you are to become a student once again. There is no need for this! Others tracked your targets for you, but no more. From today on you will track them yourself. If this is what you wish. It is.

Then tell me what it is that I must do. We have been betrayed. Someone was assisting Robert de Sable… one of our own. You must find him and bring him here for questioning. What can you tell me of the traitor? Ah… but that’s just it. I’ve given you all I will. The rest is up to you. Seem running from someone… Safety and peace, Altair. You’re in my way. Yes, Al Mualim has asked that I assist you… remind you how it is we hunt our prey. I know how it works. Be that as it may, I have no desire to disobey. Then be quick! The Assassin have many tools at their disposal. Yes, yes. We can eavesdrop, we can pickpocket, or we can use violence to intimidate. Good, you remember. So you’d have me walk amongst the others and learn what I can about the traitor? Yes, begin by going to the village market. That’s where we first spotted the traitor. You know who it is? Perhaps… Then give me a name and let’s be done with it. That’s not the way it works.

Now go, and remember: begin your search in the village market. Huh, what is that fool doing? I know what I saw. Masun opened the gate. He let the Templars in! Then you must tell Al Mualim! I can’t! Masun did not act alone. Someone inside the fortress helped him. What makes you say this? He exchanges letters with someone inside. The basket weaver carries them for him. That’s no reason to stay silent. Ah! But the weaver delivered him a letter just before the attack. I suspect it held the order to open the gate.

Then speak to the weaver! He can name Masun’s accomplice! He’s disappeared! Hiding for fear of being dragged into this! Ha! Probably inside of one of his own baskets! Please, just one! We lost everything in the attack and have no place to store our grain. I… I can’t right now. I’m busy. Is this about the letter? W-what letter? The letter you received when I got here. Bad news? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Listen, I’ll see what I can do, but please, I need to be alone right now. Come back later. As you wish. You’ll see! Soon, all your eyes will be opened to the truth! We stand upon the threshold between this world and the new one! A better place where all might live as equals! But men, like Al Mualim, would see this dream destroyed! Tuesday’s attack was but a first, and more will follow unless you repent! Give up your wicked ways.

Rise up against the madman of Masyaf! See through his lies! Enough, I yield! I yield! Speak quickly, then. I have no interest in your games. Why did you betray us, and who do you serve? We serve the Templars. You should, too. Their cause is just. “We”? Jamal. He told me of their plans. Asked me to open the gate. You betrayed us! We, who called you Brother and kept you safe from harm. I did what I believed was right! And if you must kill me for it… so be it. I am not afraid to die. Your fate is not for me to decide. It’s Al Mualim who will judge. *Fast-forwarding memory to a more recent one…* You stand accused of betraying our Brotherhood and opening the way for our enemies. How do you answer to these charges? I deny nothing.

I am proud of what I did. My only regret is that they failed. I offer you a chance to repent. To renounce the evil in your heart. It is not evil in my heart, but truth! I will not repent. Then you will die. You did well, Altair, and have earned the right to carry a blade once more. What will become of the one who helped him? That remains to be seen. Some do ill out of ignorance or fear. These men can be saved. Others suffer from corrupted wills… their minds poisoned and twisted. These men must be destroyed. Soon enough we will know what sort of man Jamal is. I’ve passed your test, then. What now? Haha… Oh my child, we’ve only just begun. I hold here a list. Nine names adorn it. Nine men who need to die. They are plague-bringers, war-makers. Their power and influence corrupts the land and ensures the Crusades continue. You will find them. Kill them. In doing so, you sow the seeds of peace.

Both for the region, and for yourself. In this way you might be redeemed. Nine lives in exchange for mine. A most generous offer, I think. Have you any questions? Only where I need begin. Very well. Ride for Damas. Seek out the black market merchant named Tamir. Let him be the first to fall. Be sure to visit the city’s Assassin Bureau when you arrive. I’ll dispatch a bird to inform the Rafiq of your arrival. Speak with him. You’ll find he has much to offer. If you believe it best. I do. Besides, you cannot begin your mission without his consent. What nonsense is this?! I don’t need his permission! It’s a waste of time. It’s the price you pay for the mistakes you’ve made. You’ll answer not only to me, but all the Brotherhood as well now. So be it. Take your equipment and go. Prove that you are not yet lost to us.

Altair, it seems my students do not fully understand what it is to wield a blade. Perhaps you can show them what you know. Perfect! The work of a master! That’s, my students, is how we all should fight! You must be busy. I understand. Such wild swings to give your enemy an opening! And I sent you to an early death! He looks like he’s being chased by someone… Get him! -Please! You’re hurting me! Please! -Don’t spend your time to defend! -Is that the last of them? -I hope so. Still, best not to take any chances. I’ll hurry home. Don’t think I’ll leave it again anytime soon, either. You’ve done me a kindness, young man. Be assured: I won’t forget it. Come! Come see what I have to offer! Everything’s good! Everything perfectly priced! Could I interest you in… this, maybe? No? Well, there’s more.

Much more! You won’t find better prices anywhere! Come, people! Come see what I’ve to offer! You won’t believe your eyes! I’ve many things, many things. Too many things! I have everything you’ll ever need! You’ll find everything here… I’ve got what you need! I’m sure of it! Altair, it is good to see you. And in one piece. You as well, friend. I’m sorry for your troubles. Think nothing of it. A few of your brothers were here earlier in fact. Oh, if you’d heard the things they said, I’m certain you’d have slain them where they stood. It’s quite alright. Yes, you’ve never been one for the Creed, have you? Is that all? I’m sorry, sometimes I forget myself. What business brings you to Damas? A man named Tamir. Al Mualim takes issue with the work he does. I am meant to end it. Now tell me where to find him. Surely you remember how to track an enemy. Of course! Learn where he will be and when. But that sort of work is best left for…. I understand. Go and search the city. Determine what he’s planning and where he works. Preparation makes the victor.

What can you tell me of him? Tamir makes his living as a black market merchant. So the Souk district should be your destination. I would suggest you seek out the following places: a small souk northeast of here, the madrasah to our east. And in the gardens north of this Bureau. Focus on these places and he should become well known to you. I assume you want me to return to you when this is done. Yes. Come back to me. I’ll give you Al Mualim’s marker, and you’ll give us Tamir’s life. As you wish. Remember, Altair, if you find yourself in trouble, and the city turned against you, return to the bureau. I can shelter you from the storm. Be warned though: if your enemies are too close, my door will remain closed, until you’ve lost them. Do you understand? Yes. To bring the enemy inside would compromise the Brotherhood. Very well. Off you go. It was just before Hattin. The Saracens were low on food and in desperate need of resupply. But there was no relief in sight. Make room! Some say, were it not for Tamir, Salah ad-Din’s men would have surely turned on him.

Could be we won the battle, because of that man? You’ve seem to know quite a bit about Tamir. Tell me what he’s planning. I know only the stories I tell, nothing more! A pity. There’s no reason to let you live, if you’ve nothing to offer in return. Wait, wait! There is one thing! Continue. He is preoccupied as of late. He oversees the production of many, many weapons. What of it? They’re meant for Salah ad-Din. This does not help me. Which means it does not help you. No, stop! Listen! Not Salah ad-Din! They’re for someone else. The crests these arms bear, they are different, unfamiliar. It seems Tamir supports another, but I know not who.

Is that all? Yes, yes! I have told you everything I know. Then it’s time for you to rest. Safety and peace, Altair. I trust you’re looking for information to aid you in your strike against Tamir. I fear I’ve nothing to offer, but Behir might. He shouldn’t be too far from here. So, they’ve sent you, eh? An interesting choice, though not my place to judge. The Rafiq has asked me to observe the souk that Tamir calls home. Here’s what I have learned – there’s a group of troublemakers, who gather around its south-eastern exit. They and the guards do not get along. Find a way to earn their friendship, and they’ll surely be of service to you. I’m telling you, it’s rats! No, it’s children, I hear them laughing! Rats or children, either way it’s bad for business.

All that noise! Someone needs to get up on those beams and clear them out. I wonder how they’re getting up there. Must be through the central courtyard. Then we should ask the guard to have a look. Ahh, they’re all much too busy polishing the backside of their master! Do you understand? Yes. I am to deliver the letter to your merchant friend. And you know who to see? The same man as always.

Do not think to betray my presence in this city. We have many eyes, many ears… And many arms, yes. Good for silencing those who say too much. I know this well. You have my word. Good. Then be quick about it. Time is short. Something needs to be done. It’s only a matter of time before someone else discovers it. Tell him then. It’s in his best interest to keep the souk secure. He won’t meet with me. Too busy with this new deal of his. And the guards? Tried already.

They won’t lift a finger, unless the order comes from him. Then what will you do? I’ll go to Abu’l Nuqoud. The Merchant King? He won’t see you. He doesn’t have to. I’ve written him a letter which explains the problem. He can read it, and decide for himself. Altair! I need your help! I took something from one of Tamir’s men and now they’re after me. Please, see me to safety and I’ll share it with you.

We are safe now. I can manage on my own from here. Take this, hopefully it will aid you in your mission. Seems to be an invitation of sorts. Altair! Welcome, welcome! I’ve done what you asked. Now give me the marker. First things first. Tell me what you know. Tamir rules over the Souq El-Sallah. He makes his fortune selling arms and armor, and is supported by many in this endeavour: blacksmiths, traders, financiers. He’s the single largest death dealer in the land. And have you devised a way to rid us of this blight? A meeting is being arranged at Souq El-Sallah to discuss an important sale. They say it’s the largest deal Tamir has ever made. He’ll be distracted with his work. That’s when I’ll strike. Your plan seems solid enough. I give you leave to go. Let Al Mualim’s will be done. You may rest here until you are ready. *Fast-forwarding memory to a more recent one…* If you’d just have a look… I have no interest in your calculations. The numbers change nothing! Your men have failed to fill the order, which means I have failed my client.

We need more time! This is the excuse of a lazy or incompetent man. Which are you? Neither. What I’ve seen says otherwise. Now, tell me, what do you intend to do to solve this problem of ours? These weapons are needed now! I see no solution. The men work day and night, but your… “client” requires so much. And the destination… it is a difficult route. Were it that you could produce weapons with the same skill as you produce excuses! I’ve done all I can.

It is not enough. Then perhaps you ask too much. Too much? I gave you everything! Without me, you would still be charming serpents for coin! All I ask in return is you fill the orders I bring you! And you say I ask too much?! You dare disrespect me? Please, Tamir, I meant no insult! Then you should have kept your mouth shut! No!! Stop!! Stop? Haha… I’m just getting started! No!! Stop!! Arrgghh… You came into MY souk? Stood before MY men… and dared to insult ME?! You! Must! Learn! Your! Place!!! No. Leave the body. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. Think twice before you tell me something cannot be done. Now get back to work. Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! Where did you learn your craft?! Be at peace. You’ll pay for this. You, and all your kind. It seems you’re the one pays now, my friend. You’ll not profit from suffering any longer.

You think me some petty death dealer, suckling at the breast of war? A strange target, don’t you think? Why me, when so many others do the same? You believe yourself different, then? Oh, but I am. For I serve a far nobler cause than mere profit… just like my brothers. Brothers? Ah… but he thinks I act alone. I am but a piece… a man with a part to play. You’ll come to know the others soon enough. They won’t take kindly to what you’ve done. Good. I look forward to ending their lives as well. Such pride… It will destroy you, child. He’s a murderer! Word has reached me of your victory, Altair. You have my gratitude, and my respect. Thank you. It is a shame that the other Assassins continue to hold you in such poor regard. Rafiq, I do not care what the others think of me.

As you wish, Altair. You should bring news of your victory to Al Mualim. I’m certain he has more work for you to do. *Fast-forwarding memory to a more recent one…* Out of the machine, Mr. Miles. What’s the matter, Doc? Ms. Stillman is once again insisting I let you rest. So, feel like telling me who put the stick up his ass? We have a deadline.

One week… well, six days now. Deadline? I can’t talk about it. Man, put yourself in my shoes. I’m being held hostage by a group of scientists… at least I think you’re scientists… And forced to spend all day in some crazy-ass machine. You won’t tell me what you’re looking for or why you want it, but I’m supposed to be thanking you for keeping me alive. This is so fucked! Sorry, but it is. What do you want me to do? Hmm, let’s see… I don’t know… maybe give me some answers?! I can’t! And it’s better this way.

Safer. Safer for who? Both of us. Hey, you know what? I’ve got a question I think you can actually answer. What’s up? Why is it that sometimes the guys in there talk like they’re from the future? The future? I mean the present. Now, today, whatever. You’ve probably noticed that English has become the official language of the Holy Land. Yeah, I was gonna say…

The Animus is translating speech it deems vital into more modern English. So expect a few anachronisms. I could probably make it more authentic, but… you ever read Chaucer? Who? Yeah, definitely not for you. Can you tell me more about Abstergo? Or what goes on here, beyond the whole “keeping me prisoner” thing? Abstergo is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their primary focus is anti-depressants. There’s some information on the computer over there. But you already said this isn’t about testing a drug. So, what’s the deal? I don’t like where this is going. So it’s safe to assume the Animus is NOT a part of their public face? What, you haven’t seen the commercials? Oh my God. She has a sense of humor. I’m sorry, Desmond. I’ve got a lot of work to do. Like I said, if you want to know more about the company, take a look at the computer.

The telecommunication stuff is particularly interesting..

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