Assassin’s Creed Rogue – We The People, Sequence #2 Memory 2 How To Let’s Play

Close down box of wood moves down on your seats In stone Very good, excellent. Captain Hart. Oh stop your sail Yeah You’re here Congress is still in session George Washington and his militia have fired on French troops under Chimel oven the French are calling it an act of war George, Washington You mean Lawrence’s younger brother? Yeah, it’s the same speaking him, Lawrence, Washington And she will emanated him James Ward that was moved up in ranks Well, the Templar resources are at his disposal now What about the manuscript my sources in New York confirm that Wardrop has it? I also learned that he is here at the Congress under heavy guard che fine wardrobe get that manuscript This place is thick with Templar troops leave and I will make sure he doesn’t escape Oh That’s mostly the Templar William Johnson Perhaps he has the manuscript or knows where it is as I have stated previously I believe we need a National Union Granted by an act of Parliament but bringing greater independence to our colonies The French are an immediate threat and we are ill-prepared to face them To put it bluntly the colonies must join or die Rousing speech Master Franklin, but do you truly believe Great Britain will grant our colony’s autonomy They have little choice master Johnson, you know the remoteness of this frontier better than most.

Yes But let us leave politics for another day I wanted to thank you for your research. Of course, of course in the brief time. I could examine that box I could tell it was something unique from ancient Egypt, you said well as I mentioned in my letter, I am quite ready to Electrify it. Excellent. We will have the Box delivered shortly as for the manuscript captain I Apologize, sir, but master Wardrop refused to hand it over. He said the risks were too great the risks I Apologise, you will have the manuscript at the Box in the briefest of delays You mangy excuse for a uniform run the fort Frederick and tell master Wardrobe He had better cough up. The manuscript posthaste else. I will have him sculpt a Continent that lobster captain reach wardrobe Wardrobe Yeah Yeah Well done soldier knocked off on my behalf Sold out Oh Take that You Templar talk? No. You have no idea what you’re doing fool keeping the people free from your control How free will you be when the French undermine these squabbling colonies? The colonies would be far better off without the Templars pulling the strings We bring order from chaos If everything is permitted No one is safe Even the devil can quote scripture to suit his own purposes You

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