Author: ShannonP

1. Memory, Data, and Addressing

[MUSIC]. Let’s take a look at our road map. We’re at our first section that will address the issues of data and addressing. Namely, how do we store information in memory, how do we represent it in terms of 0’s and 1’s. And how do we reference that data, in other words, what addresses do

Is There An fMRI Crisis?

Ever seen those pictures of a brain with glowing red or yellow parts? Maybe it was on the news during a science segment, or in some article you found on Reddit. These pictures seem to show up everywhere in recent psychology research. And they’re examples of functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. Magnetic resonance imaging

LBCC – More Memory Tricks

Ok I’m going to go ahead and start this workshop is called more memory tricks and i know some of you were here last week at the regular memory tricks if you weren’t you’ll be able to catch on to this i think very quickly anyway but i have so many memory tricks that it’s