Barry Loses His Memory – The Flash 3×21

Gonna give me a perm. It’s not for your hair steel Magnolias. It’s for your brain, okay. I want to stop you from making new memories. What are you talking about? Savitar knows everything we’re going to do because he remembers doing it. He’s a future Barry, so what if Barry can’t remember what we’re doing now. You wanna mess with his brain? Just a little bit. It’s a minimal procedure.

It’ll still be the same Barry you know and love except he just won’t be able to retain new information. There’s two types of memory Allen short-term and long-term a long time for you- Okay, Julian stop. This is my presentation I’m the expert here. This is the part of your brain that retains new information before sending it to the cortex to be stored forever. So what if we block that chain with a magnetic disruption? So Savitar won’t be able to remember whatever strategy we come up with to defeat him. Which means he can’t be two steps ahead of us anymore. With any luck we’ll actually put him one step behind. Beautiful cause and effect Barry what do you think? Let’s do it. Wait, wasn’t Caitlyn the expert on brains around here? She was. But this is something we’ll have to do it out.

I trust you. You won’t feel a thing. Okay. Let’s get the show on the road, the disrupter is attached your hippocampus. So, maestro. Okay, ready for zapping. Can we not call it zapping. Ready to activate in three, two, one. Sweet dreams my beautiful boy. What are those slugger? I have watched you be in love with Iris. Maybe we were meant to be together. Okay, that should do it. Alright. Right, how do you feel? I feel fine. You see he feels fine. Barry Barry? Barry Who’s barry? Not fine. Who are all of you? What’s going on? Seriously, who are you guys? Okay Barry stay calm. Who’s barry? Cisco Slight miscalculation. Slight wouldn’t be a word I’d use. Where the hell am I? Is this a dentist office? No-No, this is Star Labs.

Star? Labs! A laboratory? A laboratory? What are you…? Were you guys experimenting on me. No one is ex- Yes, technically yes, but but it was consensual. You were? Yes Why can’t I remember anything? Why can’t I remember my name ? Your name is Barry. My name’s not Barry. I don’t know my name but my name’s Bartholomew Henry Allen that’s not a good name. Look Barry- Are you sure I don’t go by Bart can – Bart feels more natural to me can we go with bart? Bart’s kind of cool. Okay Wally Okay? Hey, let’s just get you back in the chair. No, no, no, no, I’m not- I’m not getting in the chair. No, how do I know you didn’t kidnap me here to do some weird brain surgery on me? Or maybe you’re like those criminals you trick people into hotel room, so they can steal their kidneys.

Do I still have my kidneys? We don’t want your kidneys. Okay, Barry. Look at these photographs. We’re your friends, your family. I just want to help you, okay? That’s a nice ring. Who’s the lucky guy? You are Barry. Look, I know you’re scared okay, you can trust us. Cisco a minute. Yes, sir. I going to be right back, okay? Wally, stay with him okay? Me? So how do we know each other? Oh, uh I’m your brother. There is no sign of any permanent structural damage. Then why can’t he remember anything? Julian He appears to be suffering from some sort of psychogenic retrograde amnesia. Amnesia What if we didn’t account for Barry’s increased Neural Velocity.

A Judea Super Speed. Wait, do we think he knows that he’s the flash, that he has super speed. Hey Barry! Catch. Sorry Oh my Lord. He’s like god awful. He’s pathetic. Can we flip a switch? Undo it? Okay we are not flipping any more switches until we figure this thing out. ( Cell phone vibrates).

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