Breaststroke workout #8

Hello and welcome to our workout videos. Remember that if you want to download a free pdf version of this workout you can do so in the link in the description at If you are new here and you like swimming videos I invite you to subscribe to this channel. To start this workout let’s do 6 x 25s alternating freestyle and breaststroke. Then we will thread the water four times for a lapse of 10 seconds each time. To finish warm up let’s do 4 x 25s freestyle breathing every 3 strokes. To work on our technique let’s do 8 x 25s drill like this. On our back with our arms down and doing breaststroke kick. Try to touch your feet on every kick and don’t let your knees go out of the water too much.

Then do another 8 x 25s. This time working on the pull part of breaststroke. Do freestyle kick and breaststroke pull. For the main set we will do 18 x 50s trying to rest :20 seconds or a little more if you think it’s it too little but rest the same amount of time for every 50. The 50s will be 1 Breaststroke 1 Freestyle, then breaststroke again and then backstroke, Then breaststroke again then Butterfly. Repeat that order 3 times until you complete the set. Try to do the breaststroke ones at a high intensity and the rest at a controlled speed. Then do 2 x 25s underwater of breaststroke pull outs. If you have the pool all for yourself like we did, you can do this drill. It is mainly just for fun, but you’ll also learn how to time your breathes at a controlled pace.

If you don’t have photographic memory and you want to do this workout Remember that you can download the free pdf version through the link in the description. If you like our workouts you can watch more of them on this playlist or on our webpage at Thanks for watching! See you next time! Swim fast!.

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