Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Sascha Williams Balancing Act Full Audition S12E01

You are cakes up on that I’m energized Hello Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience such a Williams since definitely not you excited? Could you could you sort of try to help me out a little bit did we give it more interesting Give it a job What’s the biggest gig you’ve done so far All right system going crazy Okay good luck right. Thank you Just palm it all down to base That’s a bit more stable Oh, No Oh I was not expecting that I’m gonna be honest. Yeah, I thought get these tore a bit boring and this is a little bit gray And then you cut out there, I think you’re nuts Most thrilling two minutes, I think we’ve ever had operator, I just got excited or scared is Amanda off I just kept thinking go on go for it go for it and boy. Did you I? Think what makes you special is that lack of lycra and sequins and Hair licking and all of that although it worries me when you first came on the stage And you know what I think this is the most difficult kind of acrobatic that we have on the show it is so hard you Own it should be right on the edge We’re gonna vote yeah Yeah, I’m gonna say no I’m kidding obviously yes Yes for me yes Dun dun Frieza kids live good.

I like that.

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