Cemu 1.11.5 | ZELDA BOTW | Memory Editor for Cemu | Overview

Hey guys, welcome back to The REGNR8 Channel! aLpHa.jpg from the REGNR8 discord community asked me: “will you ever talk about the “Breath fo the Wow” mod?” To which I responded “if it’s something that would help people, I’ll gladly talk about it. I’ve used it myself before to unlock the Amiibo time limit and referenced it in a recent video [which I’ve linked above]. It’s very useful! I’ll make the video for you right now actually!” So here you go! I hope this short overview acts as a primer on how awesome this program is, what it does and why you might want to use it for yourself! This is a very powerful Memory editing tool created by LibreVR which allows you to overwrite values within ZELDA BOTW. This is different from how the save game editor works, which I’ve also talked about in a past video in that this program is capable of editing *any* in-game value in real-time and it isnt’ just resitricted to inventory management. You can also toggle values for hearts, stamina, you can increase durability of your weapons and even prevent them from breaking all together! It’s also the program that I used to lock my life meter in order to more easily record footage for the “Master Sword Has Returned to the Forest Glitch” tutorial! LibreVR states that changes in version 2 of the BETA includes: – the ablility to retrieve item names directly from the game memory, it will be loaded on the first scan.

– You can save / export / import / clear your settings. – You can suspend / resume the Cemu process (to free some CPU if needed if you don’t want to close Cemu). – You can set and use hotkeys to activate the hacks – The app is organized in tabs to show items by category (Full inventory / Weapons / Archery / Shields / Armors / Materials / Food / Other) – You can now edit your rupees – You can change an item into a different one directly from the tool – You can now edit items bonus type and value (but right now it’s only numbers, I didn’t have the time to add something more convenient). For example bonus type 1 = Attack bonus, bonus value 10 = Attack + 10. This program is currently under development and the version 2 beta was just released. So jump down into the description for the download link to LibreVR’s reddit post to try it out for yourself! As always, if you’ve found this video informative and useful, please give it a like and subscribe to the REGNR8 channel updates on more content like this.

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