David Guides Kal Through A Maze Without Looking | Season 1 Ep. 2 | SUPERHUMAN

All right. I think I’m ready. All right, Dave. Let’s do this. [cheering] All right, David! [applause] Dave, I’m at the start position, but I’m counting on you to get me to the end. If this goes wrong, people may never see me again. [laughter] OK. Your challenge starts now. [ding] All right, pal. Go ahead and take your first step into the maze. And we’re gonna start by going forward three steps.

[beeping] Go ahead and turn left and take two steps. [beeping] OK. I’ve done that. Go ahead and turn right and take one step– [beep] — and a left and two steps. [beep] Then take a right and take one step. [beep] Take a right here and take one more step. [beep] OK. [music playing] Now take a left and go five steps forward. [beeping] OK. All right.

Now take a right and take five more steps forward. [beeping] And take another right and take one step forward. [beep] [music playing] Now turn left and take two steps forward, followed by a right and one step forward. [beep] A left, one step forward. [beep] And then another left and two steps forward. [beeping] OK. [music playing].

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