Drs. Rx: A Trick to Help Improve Your Memory

-US 1 Have an important interview coming up? 2 Or perhaps your kid has a big test? 3 Well, we have a trick to help you improve your memory 4 and all it takes is a little whiff. 5 I’m not talking about, (sniffs) 6 (audience laughing) body odor. 7 But I am talking, Docs, about rosemary. 8 Really? Huh. 9 Believe it or not, a recent study exposed participants 10 to different levels of rosemary oil aroma with a diffuser. 11 (sniffs) 12 Oh, it smells so good. 13 All participants provided blood samples 14 and were subjected to a test. 15 Those who had been exposed to more rosemary aroma 16 had a higher concentration of a memory chemical.

17 And you know, this memory chemical apparently showed 18 them to have improved speed and performance 19 in terms of these memory tests– 20 What did we talk about in the last segment? 21 Quick test. 22 Um, cocoa. There you go. 23 I should sniff some more. 24 (laughing) 25 I should just eat it. I was telling you– 26 That was a pretty– 27 It wasn’t eating it though, that’s what was crazy. 28 It was the aroma. 29 So those who were exposed to rosemary were 60 to 75% 30 more likely to remember to preform tasks 31 than those not exposed to the essential oil. 32 Wow. 33 Previous studies have also shown that rosemary 34 increases alertness and improves longterm memory. 35 Can I smell the oil? 36 I like this better. 37 Yeah, the real rosemary’s nice..

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