Eidetica imaginária

Align:start [Music] in the daytime she’s aware that everyone else is there and if you spoke to us she wouldn’t see you whereas night is like you don’t exist [Music] I’ll ask her questions and I trying to work out what she’s doing but the very strange things that she’s doing and she doesn’t very often answer she does different stuff it’s really really different every night there’s no pattern to it or anything [Music] I’m across a child dinner’s us after about 13 years of looking at Stephens [Music] [Music] eidetic imagery is part of the mysterious world of childhood brain development [Music] Jezz is creating a virtual three-dimensional world in which he interacts with the cast of imaginary friends it’s such fun that once awake she stays there playing with them for hours on end [Applause] [Music] our eidetic world is just too much fun left unchecked the insomnia will harm her development [Music] [Applause] [Music] you think she knows what she’s doing yeah that’s a really good question I’m absolutely sure she knows what she’s doing and what we think Jessica’s doing is she’s able to replay almost exactly an image or an experience that she’s seen during the day Jessica knows that when she wakes up she’s got this very relaxing pretend play scenario she can sort of generate and she can do that in your bed which must be great actually so she’s got the camp overview that it’s great for everyone apart from you and Dad after two and a half years Tanya can finally put a name to her daughter’s behavior most interesting thing that I found out was that des is actually awake and she’s aware of what she’s doing so at least now I know she hasn’t got to harm myself or anything cause she’s aware

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