Elite: Dangerous update: Quince Passenger mission make Millions !

Hello this is Ricardo and I’m currently aboard the Badgers sigh my newly named Beluga liner but I’m going to use to do some passenger missions in the Quint system now you may have heard of this with quints being good for an exploit in regards to combat missions well that’s been closed off now since the two-point-three update has hit us so what’s going to happen is that we’re going to go in there and do something very similar but with sort of stackable passenger missions the idea of these missions are to go in get passenger missions from the station head out to a certain location scan the beacon in your ship and then return back that’s completed so the idea of this is is that in Quint there is two points of interest that people are interesting to going to see and we’re going to go through we’re going to get missions for gheylens vision we’re going to pick up a cabin and I’ve got this Beluga fitted with first class and business cabins so they’re going to go ahead now we’re going to accept that contract and we’re going to fill up those cabins now with very similar missions now this method is going to employ board hopping where as we kill out of one mode for example open mode and then go into solo mode or private mode and pick up some more missions we’re going to attempt to fill our cabins as much as we possibly can so that we can maximize the journey to wherever we’re going as you can see there are some missions there for million 7 for 500 thousand four hundred thousand two hundred thousand you know we’re going to see what we can do and see how much money we can make so this guy here 360 what else have we got for 20 let’s pick a cabin I’ll do so fill up as many times as you want let’s meet them as you can do with your ship and once you get to the point where you can’t fill up anymore we’ll do a broad hop so we’ve done pretty well so far let’s board hop now back to the main menu start into private mode few moments for it to load here we are okay so into the passenger lounge again now one thing to look out for as well is that if like me you’ve got your Beluga or your ship kitted out with all these cabins you’re not going to have a hell of a lot of cargo space so be sure when you start accepting missions and completing missions you make sure you have got enough cargo to accept the rewards that your game you might not gain any rewards on some missions but a lot of them you might get things like nano breakers and telemetry Suites I’ve even had some some minerals as well on occasion so make sure you sell that after every mission otherwise you won’t be other cash your missions in or you may not even be able to collect some missions because the cargo space will be less than what that mission requests so there you go we’re going through with filling up now quite a tidy haul and this is not going to be a huge amount it’s gonna be between three and five million but it’s quite a quick process to fill your ship full of passengers and you’ll see once we get out into the black it’s not very far from Jefferies high to New America where you can go and scan the one particular point of interest this is where it gets a little bit confusing the missions will request you to go out and scan different points of interest in this system there’s a problem I don’t know what’s going on with frontier developments I’m surprised it didn’t fix this they’ve left us a backdoor here you just go out you skin.what scan one point of interest and that completes it for all your passenger missions okay so we’re going to go out to new America we’re going to scan that particular mitt of interest and that does it for all our missions so cabins are pretty much full up now fantastic let’s get on with it and let’s get out there so we’re going to fly around now in solo mode because I’m a coward and it’s an awful lot of commanders in system at the moment who are going to go hunting other players who might have a bounty on them or they might just be other player killers a lot of that going on lately and it’s it’s the Wild West out there use what you’ve got to expect so it’s an expensive ship there’s no elements I’ve got no shields running because some of our passengers are illegal passengers who want to keep that heat signature nice and low so you don’t get detected by the station’s scanners because if you do then you’re going to get them a bounty on your head you’re going to be a wanted status and that ends this part of the game at least for a week and who knows it might be patched in a week so make the most of it while you can so here we go the belugas on its way we’re going to go towards the aperture and see if you can get this thing through it I mean the Beluga is quite I think of a new report ship I was quite surprised compared to some of the other ships out there in its class and we’re true so as you can see we’ve got silent running mode engaged that’s lowering our heat signatures who don’t you upon scanners we’re going to select Galen’s ascension which is just by the new america planet it’s not far away from the station in fact there it is look not far away at all we’ve cleared the mass lock going to engage our jump drive and we’ll be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail as they say anyway so just on the other side of the planet so take it a bit wide and then watch your speed because you’re not too far away from the drop-off point of the jump-out point ease the ship in as my advice is as soon as you get into system put the anchors on because the scanners should pick up that point of interest right off the jump point all you’re doing is scanning that point of interest okay so here we go so there it is we’ve targeted you can see the scanning is going on on the left-hand side Feuer the Beluga and tourist vessels could be dolphins or or because I didn’t quite catch them you can see your missions now are all completing select Geoffrey’s high swing your ship around and then let’s make a jump for Geoffrey’s high now once you’re back in the vicinity of the station I’ll see you going to request the dock don’t forget make sure you’ve got all your non-essential modules turned off engage silent running mode because you’ve got illegal passengers on board if you’ve got illegal passengers on board I have and then navigate your way into the station without incurring any additional penalties that are going to eat into your profit so normally I wait some about and the and-a-half klicks away from the station before I start engage in silent running to ensure that I don’t get scanned now I haven’t got a shield generator I’ve used that space for a passenger module I’ve turned all my shield boosters off weapons are turned off I’ve kept sensors and the discovery scanner on for some reason you know any ECMs or any other module like that you can turn off turn it off good to have life support though but that sometimes the short verse you can turn that off too just to be sure but I’m through with no incident and my landing pad is coming up pad number 40 so we’re going to get this Beluga down and then cash in and see how much we’re going to make now you’re not going to get the millions upon millions upon millions that you did in quinces with the combat missions that were stackable beforehand but like I say between three and five million it’s kind of what we’re hoping so you know that within 10 minutes some people are gonna say there’s more faster ways of making money I’m not here to argue that I know there are however this is what we’re doing today this is what I need to show you so into the passenger lounge let’s claim that reward so first off we’ve got four hundred and twenty thousand next we’re claiming another 420,000 Carlo Lam is going to give us one point 1 million the next person bill Foreman hundred thirty one thousand give or take the odd money Irving Lindsey close to a million this what about no ninety thousand there you go claim that reward a smaller a smaller one this time 298 and this one’s now got hundred and twenty which leaves the final mission to cash in claim that reward should be around three hundred three hundred grand it is okay so very important well like I mentioned to go in and also clear out see we failed one there for some reason account on which one it was might have been a legacy mission just confirmed and clear that out the way so from that hall alone we managed to get four million seven hundred and seventy nine thousand so not bad so that’s four million hundred and seventy nine thousand so as we start again now for our second run we can accept some more contract and as you continue to do these missions you’re standing with the local factions will increase and you will get slightly higher paid missions now I’m not a high ranked Explorer I think I’m on Pathfinder so I’ve got a ways to go yet and I’m still getting the missions book four hundred and eighty thousand five hundred million so you know like I say four million six hundred and seventy nine thousand that’s not bad that’s not bad at all for a couple of minutes work and you’ve seen it all here really in real time and we’ve been going about twelve minutes into this video so here we go now we’re filling up again we’re going to do another run and see what that nexus picking the cabins just going to make sure we’ve sold all the commodities that we’ve earned during our passenger transactions as you can see I’ve only got 16 ton of cargo so we get down to 0 let’s go and see what presents itself now at the passenger lounge let’s do a board hop and quickly jump out of this going to a private group this time okay so in the starport services into the passenger lounge so straightaway 1 therefore 700,000 credits vii of thousand and that should be s done so let’s just check our inventory done two cabins see if everything’s full I think it is so we’ve got one left let’s get a cheeky one in 660,000 except then let’s go on our merry way so all our cabins are now full just check our advance maintenance yeah I could have nice shiny paintwork make everybody very happy and let’s go of course we’re in private mode as we know other players there to vindictively shoot us down and there we have a typical tourist level of Space Station nice and bright and white not like some of the grungy old ones you see in some other systems just take off thread the needle and gals over to new America so there’s Galen dissension just as we did before we’re going to go a little bit wide watch your speed on this here we go shuttle back slightly I think with all this sort of grinding going on I don’t take enough time to to sit back and enjoy the view of the game I mean that planet is rendered beautifully you know it’s like a little blue jewel and Cynthia does sort of force you to take some time and have a good look around at what’s going on behind you especially now with a new camera mode whereas you know by following your ship in and like with like with the Beluga so you if you’re following your ship in camera mode and put your landing gear down the back flaps of the ship fall down also another ship I think on the Explorer it’s got fins or the Cobra it’s got fins you move left or right those fins move left or right as well and it gives that such attention to details being put into this game frontier than a really really good job and I think what with all the problems the Xbox version has been having and some people have been saying there’s problems going on with it I’ve not seen many problems at all so there we are we are looking directly at that Taurus beacon in our beluga admiring the view I think it’s time now for us to be on our way of course there’s my commander my avatar it’s camouflaged space suits unless you move the throttles and the controls you can see that the Avatar moves the controls in the ship as well which is a lovely touch sometimes on a lot of games that have a similar sort of firm of functionality there’s that disconnect with actually what’s going on I suppose to what’s going on in the cockpit but we got to say frontier than a really good job here so we’re boosting away and heading on back now to Geoffrey’s hi there it is we’re all lined up trying to jump so are now back in proximity to the station we’re using the external camera now to a bit of a follow me sort of aspect there’s the station that’s where we need to be going of course find me on youtube I guess if you’re watching this you already have so we’re going to quest that docking will get into position engage silent running mode because again we’ve got illegal passengers on board and move into the station so we’re through here’s our landing pad of course a commander came through at the same time or an NPC came through at the same time thanks for that caused a bit of damage to the ship took us down to about 80 ml lower 80s and once we’re down we can do a tally and see how much we’ve made in 20 minutes and of course you can do this quicker I’ve been the rating this as we’ve been going along and going about the houses to show people how to do it I think with practice you can get this down quite simply to a quicker method and there you go we’ve landed so into star port services we’ve landed and let’s see what we’ve got so now into the passenger lounge our first passenger Nexus 700,000 our next passenger 540,000 next season 91 Malcolm Hale as a whopping 700 660 two more last now 480 don’t the last two I believe four seven seven again in for the final reward around 400 K I believe which Nets us approximately four million three hundred and forty seven thousand on that run so not a bad haul four point three four seven million that gives us a total for this video nine point two million doing nice and easily low-risk passenger missions in quinces of course it will depend on the ship that you use how many passengers you can get in say I’ve been using the Beluga the Badgers sigh but you can use virtually any ship you want important to watch the power important to watch the heat as well so don’t get scanned so thank you very much for watching – Ricardo this has been the quints passenger mission check back for more videos in the series see you soon you

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