Sub-Sabrina <3 …Hablo español Alv :v Póngan los subtitulos de ingles a español :v BTS ready for the concert in Super Arena 3 days here It is massive! We are having it here <First kinetic ever since Seoul Concert> <The first rehearsal for Saitama concert> It was an egg in the beginning? It’s thrilling when the door is open <Finally, complete ‘Lie’ performance> <Jin is massaging Jung Kook> <Definitely not an amateur> How is it? Impressive <Lower your head> <It’s always fun to watch VCR> <Return of the cart!> <BTS preparing for Super Arena concert thrilled and nervous> <Wait there> < Warm up before the show > <Kinetic perfomance begins the show> < The first concert in Saitama > < Suga wants to sing ever since HOME PARTY> I found it interesting to rap I love to play with the beat play with the beat It’s not a common expression.

<Funny> The only true rapper can say they play with the beat.<Respect> They utilize flow <Beautiful ARMY BOMB fills Super Arena> <The members are getting set for the next performance> <Getting closer by the cart> <BTS off the stage> Thank you. It was so fun today. Let’s burn our energy for the next two days! Thank you. So many people have given us applause and… “Atsui huniki”. Right? Hot air.

Thank you so much for your reaction and may our love forever. <Dumb SUGA> <Practicing ‘DOPE’ again> SUGA, SUGA. <Young Jung Kook is going around the hall> Jin TV, 24-hour hotel observation. <Jin’s 24-hour show> Including a shower scene. <Enthusiastic> We are not synchronized at the beginning of “DOPE”. We have to be in harmony. Here. Okay, okay. < J-Hope made the dance perfect> <See you!> <Today’s event is?> < Jin is planning the event again> I need tissue soaked in oil, ignite it and and aww! Like this. <Fire X Oil X> Then like a sword! Pop! How is it? <Pop> We have a big size costume for ‘Spring Day’.

We could make a heart as big as me and like this, Pop! <Well of ideas, Jin> <Today’s event is?> <The members are ready> Peekaboo! <3 Are you ready? < J-hope has something> Let’s go! <Resturn of ‘SOPE’> <Into trance> <The second concert in Saitama begins> <Japanese version ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ heat up the air> Sing along! <ARMY and BTS, you were awesome> One, Two, Three. Thank you! Inside..<Jin’s heart event is?> <A huge heart behind Jin!> <The second concert is Saitama is over> – Second show in Saitama. – Thank you. Is over, everyone. Second Show. We have one more show here. I was amanzing today! <Heart Attack!> We have the third show waiting for us and we will come for you in a better condition. Bye. Let’s make it! Do we need “Otsukare song” for the Japan promotion? I Should think about it.

<J.hope is thinking about it> Do i need to do it? You control it on you own. I think you are right. <Discussion before the show> – It’s not giving power or something. – Really? – No butt hit yesterday! – Right. No hit. -The last. -The best. <Before the last show in Saitama> – I´m sorry. – Let’s make it! – BANGTAN! BANGTAN! – BANGBANGTAN <The last show in Saitama begins> It’s hot. What is this? <Jin lovely heart event> Somebody gave me something saying “Chotto matte”. <J-hope’s acrostic poem> I welcome you! I welcome you! Ta! Take it,Take it.

Ma! Ma love, My Love. Thank you! <BTS will remember Saitama ARMY> <After the last show in Saitama Super Arena> See you Again! <J-hope came in first as always> Are there empty seats back there? -The seats are… -They are simply black? <J-hope mistaken the black seat for empty seats> You dont’n know layback? All veteran singers sing like this. They don’t sing in honest beat. <SUGA’s vocal training for J-Hope> – J-hope! — Looks like they are aligned We are BTS! The show is sold out! Sold out, dude. <SUGA absorbed in his own voice> <JUNGKOOK is ready for his solo performance rehearsal> <Somewhat old-Fashioned vibration> I’m fifteen. Fifteen? <Solo performance rehearsal> Click You have to control the beat. <Vante with a camera> <The members’ muse, J-hope> Look here, please. <Do you Know how much V loves his camera?> <On his neck even during the rehearsal> <V and Jk take pictures of each other> Thank you. Next is “MAMA” We can’t go lower than this? One more time! In the beginning of show 4 Yeah, ‘Spring Day’ V’s part shall be played little faster.

<Jin recalls something> Behind? What? V? You know, in V part moving to the right and then to the lefts. Listen, in the previous concert… I was doing this and someone hit me a clout <King of destruction’s clout> This time, right? “Spring Day” Starts <I didn’t hit Jin today> <Here, please> <Thanks> <BTS First concert in Fukuoka> – Thank you! – I love you <BTS can’t take their eyes off ARMY> I saw us wave dancing and all of us dance differently. All different. We can just jump like this. Yes, that’s okay. <Too hard jump caused RM pain> You sometimes drop on your heel without realizing. – I do? – Yes. It is lots of load to your legs You particularly make a big noise. <J-hope worried about RM’s legs> – I’m jumping softly. – Is it a matter of gravity, then? <V and Jk watching HOME PARTY video> <V wants to tease Jk> <Rubbing> <Look at me!!> Nice dance, Jungkook Yesterday’s problem.

RM’s strong jump caused an injury This time, it is going to be weak No problem with “Not Today”? I need someone to lead us to cheer today. Let’s go! BANGTAN!! <J-hope is not used to it> It is difficult. Difficult to be a leader. <Embarrassed> Let’s Go! Bangtan! Bangtan <Jin takes the mike> Bro, next-generation leader. <Can’t stop myself> <Gesture to calm down> Love You <3 <Worn out> Hey, your hair! <Make my hair> <Phew> <BTS solo performance go on> <Hair stylist Jimin makes Jin more handsome> <Seems too low to RM> <‘Blood, Sweat & tears’ heated up the hall> <V’s theater instead of lines> Sorry <Second try> Hello ARMY…Do you see the moon? It is beautiful. ARMY, my eyes are.. My eyes are.. A heart! <SUGA in panic several times today> Thank you so much. And everyone We love you so much. <It’s hard to see my brother’s charm> Sub by Sabrina <3 <It’s hard to see my brother’s charm x2> <BTS begins the last performance> <Though our bodies are apart, our heart are connected> <Time to see how much we love each other> <unforgettable memory for ARMY>

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