How could you hurt yourself with the air conditioning? I have my hand hurt somewhere. On the edge, right? You are nice. Is there something dangerous? There is. That stands out. I did not know that. That stands out, but It is not dangerous if you put the necessary care. <RM will be sitting at the concert due to his injury> <Members are doing their best to compensate for RM> Welcome to Sapporo! <The first show in Sapporo starts> <The rappers are ready behind the scenes> <The impressive presentation of MRI despite his injury> Once again, go there! <Members are enjoying ‘Cypher’ behind the scenes> <BTS is doing its best to compensate for RM> !Come on! Come on! See you. See you. <Day 1 in Sapporo is successfully finished> <Jungkook resting after his solo performance> !Charming! Cute! You do not know where to use your energy, right? I’m sorry, it’s true <Members on stage> <The last show in Sapporo> <BTS approaches ARMY> My heart is …

… getting bigger! <A heart bigger than Jin> I love you all! All together! Two, three One, two, three Sapporo, we love you! Amazing! <An improvised presentation in harmony> <The love of ARMY to a charming BTS> <BTS and ARMY, we will be together forever> <Feeling the love of the ARMY’s of Sapporo> Thank you! Thank you. It is over. I have no energy left. Thank you. The tour is over. Thank you. The dome! The dome! The dome! Wow! It’s huge! <The incredible size of the dome> It is immense! Huge! <Testing the size of the scenario> Hi. Seriously, I thought the song arranged It was very long and I was afraid that we are not able to complete the time. Now I see why it is very long. We may get lost on stage.

It’s the dome! It takes time to walk forward. I want to have a position. Black ball We will not be able to see from here. Why do not we do seven scenarios for each one of us? You tell me. It’s the dome! Dome! Two, Three, BANGTAN! Hello, we are BTS. <The first step inside the dome that BTS had dreamed of> <Hand-printing allowed only to artists who have performed at the Kyocera Dome> <Names and signature> <Hand print allowed only to artists who have performed at the Kyocera Dome> <Names and signature> I heard that my back hair has lost volume and they want me to wear a hat but as always I am handsome I think it would be fair to teach an ugly part of me sometimes.

-That’s what I thought. -What ugly hair. <Essay on the day of the concert> <First balloon in the Kyocera dome> I’m not sure if this would fly because I’m heavy. High. We fly to you. Come on. <The two look really nervous> -We need headphones with a microphone. -Definitively we need them. <No hand microphone, we need the headset> Let me get off. This is … frightening. J-Hope can not look down. Amazing. I’m terrified! Oh God… They are about four stories high. Jimin waves and this shakes. <The balloon on high> <BTS enjoys the balloon in its own way> <Let’s see what was your first impression of the balloon> I had never sweated during a rehearsal before.

It’s scary Very cool. I liked the scene. Very touching. Our fans are going to love it. A legendary height. I am scared. I should talk to Jin. One shakes it, the other stays still. That shakes like crazy if we both move. We have finally come to the dome! Concentrate, do not get too excited. Concentrate on what we do, okay? <BTS is up on stage?> <A song from the album LOVE YOURSELF ‘HER’ is added to this concert> <BTS has met ARMY even in the back seat> Welcome to THE WINGS TOUR in Japan special edition. <The first show on the Kyocera Domo is over> I think the balloon was a big mistake. You were brave enough to wave with your hand. I could not stay still. I needed to wave my hand. I could not move. I heard you saying ” This is very scary ” I was excited when the LED opened -That was fun. -Exciting. I prefer to go on board with you in the future. -The others moved. -Yes Yes. I was very touched when we appeared even without the audience.

But up there, I saw all the seats occupied, the people saying ” Wow … ” <Jimin still feels excited even after the show> I did not know what to say. I could not say anything up there because I was very touched. I was full of emotions. I got sentimental when the LED opened. -Seeh -I also. Jimin is crying. That was scary. We went in together but he did not listen to me at all. I told him to move a little to keep in balance. -But he was staying still. -Was it more frightening than you thought? I was so scared. (Look at Jungkook behind xdxdxdx) -Jimin! -No need to cry Good job Are you afraid? Do not place yourself here. Go to the center. It’s hard to concentrate once you get lost watching the fans. RM scolded me when I was standing here yesterday. If I put myself here, would I cry? Yes, I would definitely cry.

Hold me strong. <3 <The youngest being brave being alone in the air> <While the other members are scared together> <Jungkook in a cute set> I love your set today. <The coat was a gift from Jimin for Jungkook> <Jimin observing the coat> Nice coat, Jimin. Looks great. <This was my gift …> <Ready for the last show in Japan> <BTS is more nervous than ever on his last day> <ARMY has taken all the seats in the huge room for 2 days> <BTS does its best to return all love to ARMY> Thank you for always being with us.

Thank you. <V and Jin’s glasses> They look great! I was very happy thanks to ARMY who encouraged us. Thank you very much for yesterday and today. Dome of Kyocera, Osaka. We love. It’s another happy day. Thank you. The dreams of ARMY, the dreams of BTS. How is it? Kyocera Dome, See you later! I love them! I love them. <3 This is my heart. <The last remaining presentation> <The youngest have teary eyes> </ 3 BANGTAN BOMB, New contents! Jin against J-hope, you lose and you go to the balloon. Thank you. <I did not cry> It’s the last day here And I think that was the best show in Japan. Of course we did our best to make it possible, but what moved me was the audience totally focused on the show.

What do you feel after two concerts at the Dome? That was the best show we’ve ever done. I would like to return to the Dome again. The one I liked the most was ” RUN ” I was excited to see people jumping. -For me it was ” SPRING DAY ” -Yes, ” SPRING DAY ” -That was incredible. – Why is it so sad? It reminded me of the day I wrote ” SPRING DAY ” I did not cry Who cried? I did not cry, I really did not cry. Your eyes are watery. <We will always be in this melody> <BTS, Tour in Japan is complete!>.

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