[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.6-1

[Oh Ha Young_Yoo Hari] [Ko Yoon_No Jinwoo] [Song Seungkook_Woo Minyoung] [Hwang Sohee_Seo Hee] [Jeong Eunhye_Song Sunha] [Lee Sangah_Jeong Jisun] [Love In Memory] Have you taken Yoo Hari to the scene before? No, not yet. She’s never been to the scene? Take her immediately. We can’t do that. – What? – Yoo Hari is in a very unstable state. If she’s at the scene, she won’t be able to last. Do you think that counts as a reason? – Don’t people come first? – Woo Minyoung! Anyway, I can’t follow that order. Woo Minyoung! That arrogant… Yoo Hari! Are you not there? Are you inside, Yoo Hari? Yoo Hari! Where did everyone go? Is she… with that punk again? Huh? It’s open. Yoo Hari. Are you inside? What’s this? It’s nothing much. It’s so dirty. Hari. Minyoung. Why are you here? It’s awkward to see me, right? Yeah…well… Don’t feel too burdened with what I said. I didn’t say it wanting something from you. I just…I just wanted to let you know how I feel. – Minyoung…That… – You can give me an answer later. After this case ends well, please look at me again lightheartedly.

Let’s focus on taking care of the case for now. Let’s not be awkward, like before. Yes, then I’ll do that. I have to go film now. Oh! Roy! Roy! Is he… Yes. I’m at Yoo Hari’s filming set. In a little bit… – Found you! – You… Who are you? To me? “Oppa?” Sorry for not recognizing you right away. You. Are you going to give up here? Is it awkward? Huh? Yeah. I never thought that little kid would grow up this beautifully. And with a name change. Do you.. Do you really not remember me? But then again, it has been a long time. It’s already been 12 years. I remember. Huh? I remember everything now. It’s just… It’s so sudden. And I wonder if you are the person I know from before. Yeah. As long as you remembered Just meeting you again now is more than enough.

It’ll all end now. Let’s just hold on a bit. Okay. What are you doing? Time’s up – Hari. – Yeah. – Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m a little dizzy. You did well. Let’s go home now. – Hari. Are you done? – Yes. I’ll especially take you home today. You will? – Why? You don’t want me to? – No. No. Of course not. – Wow, I’m so happy. – Let’s go. I’ll go first. “Oppa.” “Oppa?” Go ahead! See you in a bit! I’ll catch up! “Oppa?” Why am I so excited hearing it after 12 years.

– “Oppa?” – “Oppa!” How can she call him “oppa” right away? Hari, should we stop by a restaurant on our way? What? The two of us? What’s this reaction? If you don’t want to, then never mind. No, no. I was hungry actually. – Let’s go! – We connect well! Let’s go!.

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