[Eng Sub] Love In Memory – Ep.6-2 (Final)

First off, we got up to there. Well, we’re always here everyday. We shouldn’t have sent Yoo Hari off. Huh? It’s here! There’s more in the back! What? What’s…this? It looks like some kind of necklace. Make it show more clearly. It is a necklace. Hold on. What? This… This looks like a woman. Why do you keep looking? Because… it’s pretty. It is, right? This necklace is the only one of its kind. You must have gotten it as a gift.

Yeah. From the most precious person. Where is Seo Hee? She took Hari… Dang it! Hari, do you have a boyfriend? No, I don’t. You’re so beautiful, though. Why don’t you have a boyfriend. I know, right? But… You’re more romantic than I thought. Than you thought? That’s upsetting. I’m a very gentle woman. – Let’s get in. – Yes. Why aren’t you getting in? Why? Seo Hee… The necklace. Hari! It’s over! stop now! Stop? What? Put the gun down. Stop it right now! Why are you doing this? Calm down and put the gun down. Hurry! Why are you doing this? Huh? The JS building bombing. What if the start of the incident with many casualties was because of the fMRI technique? What kind of nonsense is that? KS Group’s CEO Lee Hanyoung.

He suggested to Dr. Yoo to weaponize the fMRI. There’s no way to confirm if Dr. Yoo agreed to it though. What? Lee Hanyoung made a deal with a terrorist organization. If they get rid of the people who are against weaponizing fMRI, then they’ll deliver the weapons for the fMRI. Well… The rest you all know. So? Because of your righteousness, you killed a person? You think that counts as a reason? Yeah. To be blunt, you were harmed at all. Harmed? I lost my everything that day. from the person who was everything to me and my baby who didn’t even see the light of day. I was there then. That hell. With that person. Seohee. but then again, it was already over from that day on. I should have ended this earlier, but I guess I felt attached that I kept holding on.

It’s not that I have ill feelings towards you. Bye. Live! I’m living too! If they see you like this, your family will be so sad. So… So just live. Yoo Hari! You’re here? What were you doing? Spacing out? How’s work? Are you adjusted now? It’s just whatever. It’s just that my boss is a prick. Why? I like Minyoung. Hey! Don’t go anywhere near him! Do you know he liked you? Oh that? What? You knew? No~ It’s just… I’m just saying. Seriously. You sure filmed some drama.

Not a drama. I’m just saying! Are you still a little startled? Honestly, I’m not so sure. I really hated Dad. Because he was doing something very important, I tried to forgive him. But because all of that might not be true, I feel a bit startled. It was the day before the incident. Hm? He called me over, when I was young. Jinwoo. Yes. You said you wanted to do this, right? Yes! I really want to do it! Then, you can have this. Really? Oh yeah! Jinwoo. Yes? This technique could be helpful but also disastrous. It’s like a double edged sword. I know, I know! I believe that you can use this in a helpful manner. You sure have an eye for people. Don’t worry! You punk! You funny guy. – And… – Yes. And Hayoung… Take her there safely, like a real sister. Are you going somewhere? Hm?? No, what are you saying? It’s just nice seeing you like you were siblings.

Then, please take care of her. He didn’t forfeit the technique. He was a man of principle that was willing to risk his life. So don’t feel so startled. Jinwoo. Hmm? Why? I’m more startled now. Why? What’s up? My dad’s will was for us to be like siblings. Then we can’t be like this. What? He said to be like siblings. Siblings can’t be like this. That’s not the main point! Are you stupid? Give me your hand! Siblings shouldn’t do that. Are you level 9 in Korean? Have you never looked for the main theme, or things like that? – You’re my older brother. – I’m not your older brother. We don’t look alike. How can I hold hands with an older brother? No, Hari. My heart flutters when I look at you. No, sorry. It’s not to that point for me. No, Hari. Come here. Okay. Minyoung! What kind of style do you like? I like someone just like you! Oh my! I’m the only talking, huh? I’m not usually this chatty. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today. Minyoung, should we go and eat instead? Minyoung, what do you like? Food? Alcohol? Then how about we go to a tent bar? Oh, never mind.

It’s our first date. Oh my! I said first date. I must be insane. What’s with you Song Sunha. Why are you doing this today? But Minyoung, dates don’t have to be a big thing. We can just drink things at a cafe, eat, go watch a movie… Isn’t that all a date? Filming is over! Good work everyone!.

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