GXND Kickstarter 4k

Introducing the aperture power GX nd the world’s first variable graduated neutral density filter the raw aperture power GX nd is a hard transition graduated neutral density filter with continuously variable range up to five stumps using the or aperture power GX nd we can maintain proper exposure of the shadows without blowing out the highlights the beauty of the power GX ND filter is that one can dial in a proper exposure for both highlights and shadows graduate neutral density filters have fixed values and how much light that can stop and they typically only come in single stop values with no fractional values in between stops with a power of GX ND filter all you need to do is to rotate the filter until you get your desired result it is as simple as that we include a slimmed aperture for directly mounting the power GX ND filter on lenses which allows for rotation and single axis movement between the filter and the lens we also provide adapter plate to use a power GX ND filter play square filter system the power GX nd is based on our innovative power x ND filters that we introduced in 2016 the power GX nd features the same multi-layer nano coatings from the power X and D mm these coatings are able to repel oil water dust and dirt from the surface of the filter we have added heart stomps to power G X and D to limit rotation this was a highly demanded feature especially for video usage the power G X and D also features a brand new directory reading scale another highly demanded feature the power G X and D features Sean B to Sidney glass for today’s modern high-density sensors and 4k video requirements the power G X and D filters are offered in three sizes for multitude of lens coverage requirements we believe the power G X ND is an innovative and valuable tool for both videographers and photographers what’s your support we can bring it to life

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