History of Memory Training

Hello I’m Ron White two time USA memory champion and this is the history of memory training Memory training goes back to a man named Simonides who lived in Greece and as the story goes in 477 BC Simonides was in a room and there was a banquet going on. He had friends and fun food and for whatever reason Simonides had to excuse himself from this banquette.

After Simonides left the room something terrible happened, the roof collapsed and it killed everyone. The bodies were crushed so bad that nobody could recognize but Simonides came to the rescue, he could remember every single person based upon where they were sitting in a room and he listed that every day. This gave Simonides an idea, what if he could memorize anything based upon a position in a row. So he went back and he mentally memorized and numbered 10 spots in this room and then he took his poetry and imagined it in those chairs in those seats. From this point forward every time Simonides wanted to memorise something he would count it into a picture and see it in these seats.

In order to apply this message in your life number twenty five to thirty pieces about your house, your desk, your stove, your TV, your refrigerator and number them one through to thirty. Then get these pieces of furniture so well memorised you can say number one is a desk, twos a bed, threes a dresser, fours a whatever it is , a microwave or stove and then et a list of twenty five or thirty words and see the first word interact with the first piece of furniture, the second word the second piece of furniture, the third word the third piece of furniture. You should be able to memorize at least twenty five to thirty very easily using this memory powers developed by Simonides, if you want to learn chapters of books or poems or cards or numbers into a picture visit brainathlete.com. My names Ron White and this is the history of memory training..

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