how to develop a photographic memory – secrets to improve memory

Align:start you are about to discover the secret to release your undiscovered superpower memory to quickly and easily double your memory for names and faces give speeches without notes develop x-ray observation powers and flesh learn anything you wish books workshops or training courses sounds impossible not at all I don’t care whether you’re just nine years old or ninety man or woman no matter what your education level it makes absolutely no difference how badly you did in school as a child or how difficult it is for you to concentrate or how poor your memory may be I believe you have a memory ten to twenty times more powerful than what you realize today the lady in the video I’m about to show you next exemplifies the exact same thing I’m about to reveal to you today and you can be as amazing as her imagine being able to remember every minut detail of your life you can recall what the weather was like what you were reading or what you wore to the shops at any minute any hour or any day stretching back decades it sounds like some kind of parlor trick but it’s actually a real and very rare medical phenomenon so far scientists have identified ten cases worldwide and believe me what these people can do will quite simply make your head spin take a ride with me down memory lane with veteran Hollywood actress Mary Lee head up 22nd 1978 here we go again my first massage yourself killing me right down this street yeah for sure Mary Lou is no stranger to the limelight in the 1970s she starred in the sitcom taxi exact we’d like to have one person there that I don’t care about impressing but among her family and friends Mary Lou henna has always been famous for remembering everything

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