How to Make a Beaded Memory Wire Ring

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi today I’m going to teach you how to make a memory wire ring. So what I have here is my memory wire in the ring form and it’s the gold plated color. It also comes in silver plated and it comes in a stainless steel. And what I want to do is I want to find a point in the coils where the coils overlap just about a half an inch like this so the two ends of the ring don’t pinch the back of your finger.

And I have, this is very important now, I have my memory wire cutters. You don’t want to use your flush cutters for this project because you will ruin them. So you find that half inch overlapping point. Make the cut and that’s your ring. Now today instead of making loops in the end of the memory wire what we’re gonna use are these nifty little things and they are memory wire end beads. So they’re half drilled meaning they have a hole in just one half of them. So you can add a little dab of glue right in that hole and add it to the end of your memory wire and you can let that dry.

So I’m taking my GS Hypo Cement and adding a little bit of glue in there. You’re going to want to add that little end bead to the end of your wire. Now as you can see maybe you can see this there’s a little bit of glue coming out of the bead. So I’m going to use that my advantage. What I’m going to do is I’m gonna take, this is an 11/0 matte gold seed bead czech seed bead, going to thread it onto my ring form.

Going to push it all the way down until it meets the end cap. And the glue that is coming out of the end bead will also stick to that first bead that I glue on there. So I’m going to set this aside to dry for a minute before I start stringing the rest of my beads. So I have one that was dry from earlier. The end cap bead is securely dried with the the first bead stringing sequence.

Completely secure next to it. So now I can begin stringing my ring. Once again I’m using these 11/0 czech seed beads and this is going to be the most tedious part. So you want to get each one on and push it all the way up to that end bead. Okay I think I have about enough strung here. I want my side beads, the 11/0 czech beads to kind of a line with the end of my ring right here because this is going to be the area where we add our focal beads. So I’m going to do that now. And our focal beads are going to be a four millimeter Swarovski Bicone, a beautiful six millimeter Czech glass cathedral bead, another bicone.

And now the other half is going to be you’ve got it, all gold seed beads again. Okay so I have the rest of my ring done here. So what I’m going to need to do this time I’m going put a little drop of the Hypo cement on the end of the ring. Once again if the glue squeezes out just a little bit that’s ok cuz it can adhere the next bead to it as well and that’s a good thing. Find the hole here, slip it on carefully, squeeze it tight. Okay. I’m going to the set that aside to dry for quite some time before I want to wear it. And that’s that. That’s how you make a Memory Wire Ring. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!.

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