How to Remember Everything You Study

Do you know how to remember everything you study? Studying usually helps you remember things. I study, too. How can I remember it better? First, start by studying more than a few days before the test than the night before. I thought cramming improved retention. Cramming does not improve information retention. In fact, staying up all night and not getting enough sleep means you’ll remember less. Sleep is supposed to improve memory retention. Sleep improves memory retention if you take a nap after a study session and get a full night sleep the night before a test.

Sleep will help me remember this stuff. How do I remember even more? They found that writing things down helps you remember it better. The act of reading it, processing it and putting it on paper improves retention. I’ve heard that getting quizzed helps retention. Sure. You’re giving the synapses a workout with repeated sprints, recalling the facts. And hopefully correctly. Quizzing that points out the wrong associations and reminds you of the right ones strengthens the right ones. That might be the right way to remember everything I study. I could type out all the teacher’s notes and read them later, too. Actually, typing everything the lecturer says or sight writing the book doesn’t help. It is the act of thinking about it, summarizing details or identifying important facts, that helps lock it in place.

I’m surprised scientists have studied how we can study effectively so much. You don’t have to remember everything, just the important details of what will be on the test. I’d love to perfect my memory. If you remember everything you study, you’ll have ear worms from the songs you heard while studying or have flash backs to the stock drawings in the text books. Just remember the highlights and you’ll have room enough for the rest of your life..

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