Jogging My Memory Challenge | Season 1 Ep. 1 | SUPERHUMAN

KAL PENN: Your challenge starts now. [fog horn] MIKE TYSON: All right. [music playing] You work here, don’t you? [laughter] You’re not on a track team. You don’t even got socks on. Hi, Lindsey. Hi, Annie. It’s you. [laughter] [drum roll] [music playing] OK, I’m ready. [applause] KAL PENN: OK, John. It’s time for you to recite the names, bib colors, and numbers of three runners chosen at random. John, please start with the ninth runner. OK. [dramatic music playing] Heather, red, six, zero– [dramatic music playing] five, nine, four.

KAL PENN: Amazing. That is correct..

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