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Distributed by Lotte Home Shopping (Inc) Lotte Entertainment Provided/Produced by Sway Entertainment One of the suspects had mixed Aioken poison in the drink but the man began to gulp the drink without any suspicion. He was twirling in pain vomiting white foam. Suddenly… What’s wrong? Hey, Teu-In. Teu-In Tak. What’s wrong with you man! What? What is it? What is it? Get out of the way. What’s wrong with him? What happened? Don’t know. He just fell. Hurry. Call for ambulance! Yes, sir. A person passed out. This is Insu High School. Yes, sir. Hey, you. What are you doing? Can’t you see he’s passed out? Hey, Teu-In. Open your eyes. What’s this fuss! Teacher, what happened? – You, did you call? – Yes, they’re on their way.

Teu-In! Come on! Snap out of it. Are you alright? Are you alright? Provided by Sway Entertainment Cooperation with Seoul Movie Works Distributed by Lotte Home Shopping (Inc) Lotte Entertainment Seung-Ho Yu So-Ra Kang June-Hong Jun, Sang-Geun Jo Seok-Yong Jung, Chul-Min Park, Young-Jin Lee Special guest Yoon-Hee Jo Director Sang-Yong Lee Detectives In 40Minutes Two weeks later… Teu-In’s dead. Really? He’s really dead? That’s what I said. – Teu-In’s dead. – Teu-In’s dead? For real? – Come on! – If you’re lying you’re gonna get it. That’s why no one was allowed to see him. My God. He wasn’t that nice but still. I can’t believe that he’s really dead. Does it make sense that he’s dead? Did the principal said that? What? So the school will close? One wasted life. I envy him. So I don’t have to think about suicide and all. How can you say that now? Yo, Do-II kwon.

Are you calling it a day? Yeah. I’m beat. Try to run regularly. And avoid watching those things at night, huh? Ah! Jung-Hoon! Jung-Hoon! We love you. Hey, hey. Is it them again? Wave and make the girls happy. Show them your smile. Cute little gals. – Jung-Hoon! – Jung-Hoon! – Jung-Hoon! – Jung-Hoon! What? Call me. I’m Do-II. – What is he? – Is he sick? Looks like a tadpole. – Just a geek – What did he do? Gosh… he gave me his number. You read them all? – You stayed up all night again.

– Yeah. Got any other book? Nothing. You’re worse than me. Umm… how about reading romance like other girls your age? Who do you think killed him? Teu-In’s case. Why do you think that. The principal clearly said… crime butchers innocence to secure a throne and innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime Robespierre. Urghhhhh. Yup, you’re one tough girl. A curtain witch. Everyone freaked out the moment they saw me. Are you alright? What happened? Can’t you see? General Gae-Sun… Why you curtain witch. Got any new books? Are you really alright? Waist Dude! Move your ass like this… Definitely hot. – Let me see him, too. – No, he’s mine.

– Don’t even think about him. – Why, is he yours? – He’s mine. – Why? We’re gonna get married. Well, I’ve known him for years. – Don’t kid yourself. – Look. Just look at the picture. Hey, Tae-Gyu kim! What was that? Sick pervert. Did you wear your mom’s underwear? Jung-Hoon! Jung-Hoon Do something. Give it here now. Delete the picture. What? I said delete the picture. Whoa. What did you say? What? What did he say? Who do you think you are, shit-head to tell me what to do. Are you her man or something, shit-head! Mad dog! Mad dog’s coming! What’s all the commotion? What. Did you fight? Huh? I asked you if you fought? Answer me! Get up. Does this place look like k1 ring to you? Does it look like a k1 ring for fighting! Answer me! I said answer me! You damn… You will be doing service for the class. Jung-Hoon clean the class for a week and Tae-Gyu, since I love you for the year. Did you get that? Answer me! Yes, sir. Shit. Urgh, That Tae-Gyu kim. Hey, Do-II kim! What’re you doing there? Shh! Hurry hurry She’s a killer.

You wanna be like Tae-Gyu kim? – No way, man. – Uh? You know that girl in your class with hair like a curtain like this. Hey hey she’s coming out. I knew of her quality way ahead of time. Geeze… her body’s a killer, isn’t it? Yo, Jung-Hoon. Hey! What’re you doing? Get down! ? Hey listen Mr. Boy With your sexy lips ? Now tell me love you feel for me ? Come on like a man ? Words filled ? with boring pride young men with bright future ? thoughts that move one’s heart… Stop it, punks! – Hey, Tae-Gyu. – Tae-Gyu. You alright? I just wanna kill all the filthy dogs. My God Didn’t we barely save Teu-In who was dying that day.

Didn’t we? My God. I got the doctor to keep his mouth shut. I said that Teu-In reacted to peach allergy. But how can a student drink a beverage with poison at the school? Doesn’t this mean that someone has a grudge on him and wants to kill him? Am I wrong? Am I overreacting? I will investigate carefully so no one will suspect. Do it right, please! And do you know what day today is? School commissioner is visiting our school. If things go wrong, this school will close down. Am I wrong? Ratio r of geometrical series… Pervert! Do you enjoy sneaking around? Da… Da-Jung Lee? Then, there’re others? I must not be the first victim. I didn’t sneak It just showed. And to be honest I didn’t enjoy it! You didn’t sneak. It just showed. And you didn’t enjoy it. What’s with you these days? Huh? Fighting and text messaging during class. What is it? I’m the one who used… Who’s Do-II? You saw with Do-II? What did you see.

I don’t like it. You want a nice bite? Huh? So pathetic… – Is your class over? – Yes, Mr. Guk-Man, you got to find a nice lady and get married. Are you seeing anyone? Why? Do you have a lady for me? I know a load of ladies. That’s why I’m the ladies bank. Girl bank… But, Mr. Guk-Man. Yes. If you want to date and get married you got to invest in yourself. Invest? What’s that you’re wearing? Is over ten years, right? Take that old style to the grave.

Any normal women will run away from you. Mr. Byung-Soo. Do you know why students call you MBC? Margarine, butter, and cheese. Totally greasy. Totally greasy? Which son-of-bitch… Which son-of-bitch said that? Which one? – Sujin, hurry. – Ok. You got a damn strong stomach. Of all girls, you sneak on the curtain bitch? Wasn’t it? The curtain. So did you get a good look? You didn’t, didn’t you? I got a picture of her. Wanna see? Huh? Perverted punk. You mad, man? Huh? So, what you gonna do? You’re gonna kill someone. Look at those eyes.

Wanna kill me? Do you wanna kill me? Go ahead. If you can, punk. Get out. Whoa. You must really like curtain. Uh-oh. I already got her. Jung-Hoon! Go ahead! You’re not worth it. Today is the our son passed. Come home early. You’re out. What? You didn’t go to class? It’s PE time and you put me on class duty. Don’t you know that the school commissioner is coming today! Go to class now! Yes. Jung-Hoon Han! Yes? If you get tired of things just run. No matter how hard it is clock still ticks. Ah… right. Geeze. You really got me. Hey. Tae-Gyu kim. Hey! Hey. Tae-Gyu kim. Welcome. Nice to see you. Please. No… It wasn’t me. I didn’t kill him. No. No. No. Da-Jung, it wasn’t me. I didn’t kill Tae-Gyu. I know. Commissioner, as you can see students are the utmost importance in our school. That’s what we believe. You know? Ok. Let me call 119.

And our school’s pride number one in nation Jung-Hoon Han is the result of perfect team play between faculty and the students. Number to 119. Even at this moment, our students are taking one step closer their dream. Hey! What are you doing! Face it. You are number one suspect to the murder of Tae-Gyu kim. I understand. Since we don’t have much time let’s look around the school first. Of course. Let’s then… Is your fingerprint on it. Huh? Yeah… I wonder who fought with Tae-Gyu the last? Well, it wasn’t actually a fight. Suspect, victim, and witness Then the criminal? You just said I didn’t kill him. It’s not me. I didn’t kill him! Do you think people will just say, Ok we believe you? Now, make your choice. What? Either get arrested as a murder suspect and endure all the questionings or join me in finding the killer in the fourth period.

And reborn as the school’s hero. How can we find the killer when we don’t know who did it. Plus you’re not a detective… Can I trust you? Listen. The killer knew there will be blood so he changed into raincoat and students slippers and approached Tae-Gyu from the back. Wait… Why students’ slippers? Are you really first in nation? That’s to corner you as the killer. Oh The killer approached Tae-Gyu from behind, covered his mouth and stabbed his chest and to make it look like you did it he stabbed several times from the front.

So the blood splashed to the front and got on the net book that was laid on the desk. And I’m… positive that you’re not the killer. How? There is no trace of splashed blood on your shirt. Yeah. I told you it’s not me. But, Tae-Gyu’s net book’s gone. The killer is still in the school. How do you know that? If he left the school after the killing he would be the suspect.

It’s probably someone who knew about you and Tae-Guy’s recent fight. You’re not worth it. A student? Or… teachers? Then the killer wouldn’t have thrown away the raincoat and the shoes in the area. Oh… now you’re thinking. So, how about it? Finding the killer in the fourth period? Yeah, let’s find the killer together. Then… take it off. Take what off? Do you want to tell everyone that you killed him? Oh… Hey! What are you looking.

I’m not sneaking. It just showed. Honestly… I didn’t enjoy it. Go wash. Uh? If you’re done changing, go wash. Oh… yeah. Why would the killer take the inet book and cell phone? Are you done washing? Yeah. We got less than 40 minutes. We need the contact list of all students. Then… the computer lab? It was General Yi Soon-Shin who I wanted to have a cup of tea with. And he was the person I wanted to kill the most. Who dares to run during class? It’s locked. What do we do? Wait. Hey, where did you learn to do that? Several readings will do. Uh? There’s password? Isn’t the mad dog the computer teacher? Wait Try ROTC29. Bingo! Let’s download it. Please leave a message after the beep. It’s done.

Don’t worry. Just trust me, alright? I can’t live… a moment without you. You know that? Text message me when you get this message. I will protect you with my life. I’ll see you later. Love you. I will have every student text message me. I’ll make it look like the school commissioner sent it. No one knows my number anyways, right? Curtain head. Text me if you know any teacher or student late to class this is regarding school inspection. Need your support, School Commissioner Da-Jung… why are you helping me? Don’t disturb me. I’m busy. Thanks. Now look. Article 8 shows the social aspect of Old Joseon. Two, two, three, four. Five, six, seven, eight. Next motion. I don’t see Da-Jung. She got out earlier and must’ve went back to class.

Who gave permission to go to class. Go and bring Da-Jung. Yes, sir. Two, two, three, four. Why me. – Run! – Yes. Message should get there. Considering all possibilities it’s likely to be a teacher than a student. You mean a student late to class ten or twenty minute late can’t carry in a strange bag? Hey hey, you there. Then if it’s a teacher? It won’t matter if he’s late to class after the killing and if he doesn’t have class he can just go to the faculty room and leave the bag in his drawer. Then what’s next? The faculty room. Da-Jung Lee. Da-Jung, the PE teacher is… Sick, what are they doing? Why in my class. Shit. Where did she go? We don’t have much time. Yeah, let’s go. – It’s the computer lab. – Really? Our computer lab runs on academic purpose only and is locked when there is no class. Kids can see so many things on-line. Yes, they can. Mr. Han, please open the door.

Yes, sir. It must be class time. Ah, yes… Teacher! What is it, Jung-Hoon? The commissioner wants to see you. The principal told me to get you. Really? Where are they? Uh… but the dumpster. What’s he doing there? I think he wants to talk about the school sanitary. Yeah? That’s quite far. But why are you not in class? I got called on, too. You know. I’m number one in the nation. Yeah… right. Ok. You may go. Yes. Sea in a big picture is made of gulf and peninsula but there is also rocky sea… rocky sea is the land that’s protruded to sea and is open to strong waves therefore marine animals… Hey! Crazy bastard. If you are the school commissioner I’m Brad Pitt. Why that Jung-Hoon! Everything’s deleted. MBC probably deleted everything that can be an important evidence. You! What’re you doing? There’s a tool that recovers recently deleted files. All we got to do is… Hey! Jung-Hoon Han! Bring that net book and cell phone. You should know better than take someone’s properties.

These aren’t yours anyway. What? Didn’t you hear me? Punk. Hey, you punk. Bastard. Come here. Hey… Stop right there! Stop! And living and non-living organisms have symbiotic relationship. You two stop! Stop! Stop! There’s lithium, natrium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum in gold. Now we take the substance in gold and… Call me! My name is Do-II. Jung-Hoon’s acting little strange today… Aren’t you his friend?? Let’s look out for him… That flying nightingale why you two are lovely To where would this lonely body fly to. Now, let’s take a look. Jo-Ga Hwang is recorded in Part 4 of traditional korean poetry and Book 13 of Samguksagi Teacher! I’m sorry but… I have a stomach ache…

Go. Get out. Thank you. Stop! Punk! Stop! Yes, the school is very big. Have some cold water. Hey, hey, You! What. Who were they? Ah, yes, they’re our school’s track team. And their teacher. Jung-Hoon. Jung-Hoon couldn’t have… No, Jung-Hoon. Stop! Stop, punk! Wait. Shit. Those rats… Where did they go? Ah! Da-Jung, Da-Jung What’s wrong? My leg fell asleep. Are you alright? Does it hurt? School commissioner? Don’t shit me. Uh… message! What’s it say? Something’s fishy… It stinks… Check out somewhere else~~ head of the school Nothing. Does it still hurt? – Get on. – What? Get on. No, I’m heavy. Hey, Da-Jung. You can’t walk in like that. We can take a break once we get to the roof. Hurry! Alright. Uh? A message. What does it say? Don’t shit me…

Drop it. Why? It’s nothing. Uh? Are you alright? Why are you running around during class? Well… I had to go to the bathroom. Anyways, did you see Jung-Hoon on the way? No, why? Get to your class, punk. Why this punk… Sorry. I’m fine. It’s nothing. How’s your leg? I think it’s alright now. Hey, punk! Give me that… net book! Why do you need this? You are mistaken. I didn’t do such a thing. We’ll find out… after the investigation. Investigation? Just… hand me that net book. And we’ll talk about it later. Just hand it over! This net book! Is an important evidence. Gosh. You got it wrong. It’s not like what you think. I just… Just give me… that net book! I’m sorry, teacher. You punk. Net book… Do-II How did you get here? Go! Where? Run away! I’m your friend so I can understand.

Go! Get out! Run away! Hi! Uh? You are… Ms curtain? Uh? What is it? Isn’t this MBC and Ms Hong Ju-Hee? Isn’t she married? Uh? I think it was MBC’s cell phone. You said everything’s taken care but I’m worried… Is everything alright??? Juhee Hong – MBC and Ms Hong… – What? Stay. MBC and Ms Hong were going to the motel and Tae-Gyu saw them. Tae-Gyu got the sight on his cell phone camera and made several threats. We caught the killer in the 4th period. Nice job, Da-Jung. And Do-II, thanks a lot. You were a great help.

Yeah! We did it. We caught the killer in the 4th period. We… did it. Now, bring our school’s pride Jung-Hoon Han. He acted strange earlier but talk to him and bring him. – Yes. – Hurry. Then… it’s all over? Is MBC really a killer? 4th period is almost over. Da-Jung. I’ll go back to the class and open the curtains. Do-II, keep that net book. It’s a very important evidence. – Don’t worry about it. – Thanks pal. Jung-Hoon! Nothing… see you later. Is it Jung-Hoon? Teacher… Being number one is hard, isn’t it? Can’t hang out with friends and no time for yourself. Can’t get enough sleep. I know it’s hard to meet everyone’s expectation. Uh… teacher. My son died today many years ago. Had he been alive, he would’ve grown to be a fine young man. This is all my doing.

I killed Tae-Gyu. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m mad dog, after all. You and Tae-Gyu were fighting and I tried to stop you two and killed Tae-Gyu by mistake, alright? Jung-Hoon. A moment’s mistake can ruin your life. You have a whole future ahead of you. I’m fine. I’m fine so when the forth period ends you just quietly just quietly quietly! Stay quiet! I killed Tae-Gyu… What is it? Da-Jung. I knew it was too easy. Hey, where’s Da-Jung? Yo, Jung-Hoon. Jung-Hoon. How about MBC… Do-II, wait. He may not be the killer. What? Not the killer? If he was trying to make Jung-Hoon the suspect he didn’t need to hide the net book and the cell phone. MBC simply took the net book and cell phone to hide the evidence of their affair. Then, there was another reason for someone to want to kill Tae-Gyu. Who are you trying to kid! Going behind my private life. Tae-Gyu! If the drink that Teu-ln drank belonged to Tae-Gyu… You like the librarian that much? She gave this. The librarian? It must be someone who has plenty of time and accomplice.

Teu-In. I have something to ask you. Who… are you? The curtain? He always talked about Sang-Mi at the library that she’s pretty but a bitch. And if I asked him if he knew her well he laughed like a mad man. I think she’s pretty… He’s taste for girls is way strange. Make the deposit as promised by tomorrow, got it? Da-Jung? You look so pretty like that. But… isn’t it class time? Who do you think is the killer? Who do you think? Mr.

Guk-Man was late to class today and ended early… He’s such a loser. What’re you doing here! Isn’t it PE time? What’re you doing here? This this… Oh, apple. Da-Jung. Who do you think is the killer? Crime butchers innocence to secure a throne and innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime. Robespierre. When I saw this in my dad’s study I was just 9th grade. Even if you were a poor college student, you film this trash? Why my dad? Why? And you have the nerve to show up! Why…

Did you film this trash! Do you know what loneliness is? You return home all tired and the only thing that greets you is the flickering light. It’s worse during the holidays. Do you know that? It get less Lonely being at school teaching. But what I really can’t stand is… even the ugly ones take me as a fool. Teacher, it’s not too late… But one day an angel appeared in front of me. She’s always nice and good to me. Goes to the movies with me and holds my hands… It’s so pretty. And I couldn’t forgive the punk who troubled her.

I want this happiness… to continue. Be… be… be… behind you! Kids! Come out now. Or I’ll get angry. You shouldn’t be lingering in the library. How did you know that I was in the library? Li (for Library) Run! Thank you. Mr. Guk… Guk-Man. What are you doing? Mr. Principal! What’s going on? Will you explain? My God. Teacher. It’s… over. It’s… all over. H… Hi? Yeah, Hi! How… are you? Are you feeling alright? What do you mean… I can’t think clear. Does… it still hurt? You know in gangster movies they get stabbed and are fine. That’s… really a bullshit. If you get stabbed it hurts like hell.

You are exaggerating… Were you studying? Yeah… but I can’t seem to concentrate these days. Then… don’t. Jung-Hoon! This week’s class duty Jung-Hoon Han, Da-Jung Lee Director Sang-Yong Lee.

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