Memory Improvement: How to improve your memory with one simple tip

So, you want great memory improvement tips; no problem. Here’s a simple tip you can use right away. It’s called the method of loci. Loci comes from the Latin for “location,” and the idea is simple. You connect the new things that you want to remember to the things that are already in your long term memory. Imagine taking a routine drive. You pass the same locations day in and day out, so they’re already in your long term memory. Well, you can use those locations as landmarks to pin the new memories to. Watch. Here, our guy is on his routine trip through a desert and past a church; two distinct locations. He wants to remember two things on his shopping list; a Christmas tree and a camouflage hat. So, all he has to do is connect the two items to the two locations in his long term memory.

The best way to do this is to do something ridiculous, like make the tree do something it couldn’t do, or make the hat a giant one and put it on the church. When you use this technique to improve your own memory, don’t forget to make your mental pictures vivid and crazy, and use anything emotional you can to drive them deep into your mind. This helps convert the new short term memories into long term memories, and improves your ability to recall them in the short term. Turn it into a memory improvement game and see how fast your brain can recall your memorized list, forward and backward. I hope this little tip helps you, and if you want complete brain training and more great memory improvement lessons, click on the link below in the video description, okay?.

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