Memory Math Game on the Fridge

Okay, do you want to say ‘Hello’? Hi! What are we doing today, Elliot? Hi… Uh… A game of memory. A game of memory. And we’re using cards, and where are they here? They’re stuck on the… Fridge. On the fridge, with magnets. Okay, so how do we play. We need to return two cards. Okay. And if they’re not the same we return them. So we turn over two cards and if they are not the same we turn them back over again? Yeah. Okay. But if they’re the same. You take them… Yeah.

And then you can replay. Okay, so let’s uh, let’s watch. Let’s see how this works… Ten. Ten. Three. It’s not the same. Okay, so we turn them over? Yes. And it’s my turn. Okay, so I’ll try this one. Two. And… Nine. Nine, not the same so I’ll turn them back over. Zero. Three. It’s not the same. Okay. Try this one… seven. Seven… And… five. Five. Not the same. Not the same. So we need to try and remember where those numbers are? Zero. Zero. Lovely, look at that. So you get to collect those. And you get to go… You get to go again? Yes. Okay. Four. Seven. Okay. I’ll try this one here. One. We’ve seen that one… Up here, nope. Two. Almost. Your turn. Seven. Seven. Good memory. It’s the same. Okay. One. Nine. Nine. It’s not the same. Okay. Five. Five. Nine. Nine. Wow, so how many matches did you get altogether? Uh… Do you want to go up and count them? One.

Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. And how many did dad get? One. One match. Good game. Good game. Do you want to say ‘Goodbye’? Bye, bye. And we will… See you soon. Bye. Bye..

As found on Youtube