Memory Power | How to improve memory power ? – Foods to Improve Your Memory & Boost Brain Power

Foods to Improve Your Memory Naturally and Boost Brain Power Memory loss is a problem faced by small children to elderly people. Oh! I Forgot! is a casual statement in our day to day life.Our brain nerves are the reason for this To improve our memory power we should eat foods rich in glutamic acid and phosphorous. By doing this we can avoid memory loss problem. Let us see what are the foods rich in these nutrients. Taking milk foods everyday helps to the functioning our nervous system and brain cells. Because milk contains protein, calcium, potassium, vitamin. By giving milk foods to growing children it helps to keep their brain active. By eating some fruits you gain memory power. Apple, Dates, Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange are some of the fruits.Papaya also helps us to improve our memory power 3/4th of our brain contains water. If our body gets dehydrated then brain functioning reduces and becomes dry and our memory power diminishes.

So drink sufficient water and helps to keep our brain cells active. We should often take Omega-3 rich food. Many of us are unaware of Omega-3 foods.Fishes are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. If you don’t like fishes then you can take egg also. We can also take wheat products, brown rice, oats, soya beans, cereals.We take all these foods in our daily life. Additionally if we take milk, curd, cheese, nuts, vegetable oils, it helps us to keep our brain active. We should add Centella Asiatica (vallarai) in our food atleast once in a week.Otherwise dry this herb in shade and powder it and add 1/2 teaspoon of milk and have it.

It helps you to be active. If your dont get Centella Asiatica (vallarai) in market you can take it as tablet. But you should not take capsules. Soak long pepper in Centella Asiatica juice, dry it and make it as powder. If you have 2 gms of this powder with honey it will boost your memory power. We should add pepper and cumin seeds to our food. This keeps our brain active. The nutrition in egg helps to increase the memory cells of the brain. So by eating egg our brain will not get tired and it will be active Soak 10-12 Almonds overnight, peel off the skin and grind it.

If you eat this in the morning it helps to increases memory power as well as strengthens the memory nerves.100 gms of almond contains 490 milligram Phospherous,mineral salt, glutamic acid is present To improve memory power take 10 gms kismis fruit with 20 grams akhrot nuts every day. It strengthens your brain. Eating 50 grams of groundnut also improves memory power All of us know that honey possess many medicinal properties. If you take a teaspoon of honey in the morning you will lose weight as well as improve memory power. We should eat vitamin and mineral rich food to improve memory power. These nutrition is rich in Spinach, Broccoli and cauliflower. If we eat this it is good for health as well as it improves memory power We should add more oats and red rice to our food.

As these are rich in vitamins and glucose it keeps our brain healthy If you want to be healthy you should take any one type of grains. If you take grains rich in B our total body parts will be function actively..

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