Mercedes W210 (Bosch 2 socket ECU with B58 [24LC02] memory) IMMO OFF with Julie Emulator

Hi, Today I have another video showing how to use JULIE Universal Emulator to make immo off in Bosch ECU with B58 EEPROM memor installed in Mercedes with V6 engine. First, connect the ECU on the table according to the diagram that you see on the screen and read the code number using Star Diagnosis. Make sure that you do this BEFORE unsoldering the memory! Open the ECU cover and find B58 memory. In this case, I marked the location of the eprom with a red square. Possible locations of EEPROM Mark the location of the first memory leg and unsolder it. Use a soldering iron as well as some tin and flux gel. Use desoldering tape and flux gel to clean the soldering pads. Clean everything with PCC Cleaner and use a paper towel to dry it. Now it’s time to program the memory. To do this, I will use X-prog programmer. Place the memory into the adapter and put it into the programmer. Pay attention to the location of the first memory leg! In the program, select memory type and read B58 as 24LC02 Now, read the content of the memory and make a backup copy of it.

In line 000 write value 33 and program the memory. It’s time to solder the memory back into the ECU. Connect the Emulator to the ECU Solder jumper J6 in JULIE Emulator and prepare the wires CAN low CAN high Power Ground Connect Star Diagnosis After connecting to the ECU, select the following: GASOLINE ENGINE -HFM, ME2 click ACTUAL VALUES and DRIVER AUTHORIZATION Here you can check the status of the ECU. If the ECU is not interlocked, it means that ECU is ready for programming. Follow the instructions. Go back to MAIN MENU and select: CONTROL MODULE ADAPTATIONS > VARIANT CODING > READ OR PERFORM CODING Turn the ignition OFF and turn it back ON Now write the code number that you read before unsoldering the memory Write the Vehicle Identification number and confirm by clicking ENTER The blue LED lights constantly and blinks every other second White LED is power Go back to MAIN MENU and select ACTUAL VALUES and DRIVE AUTHORIZATION Now you can see the permission to start the car.

In the selected boxes you should see that the status has changed to YES. If the car sometimes doesn’t start after personalization (LED on the Emulator blinks fast) cut +12V from the ECU and connect it to +12V ACC (ignition).

As found on Youtube