Mind Palace Technique From Sherlock Holmes – Memory Training: Build a Memory Palace

Hey guys this is Ron White from the National Geographic show brain games on the History Channel show Stan Lee’s superhumans have you ever wondered what the Sherlock Holmes mind palaces have you ever heard of a mind palace while my show you what it is and how to use it to memorize anything freakishly fast is a crazy cool skill check this out on this I so what is all mind palace will first law few things number one it’s not just the work of fiction it’s an actual real thing and it was not admitted by Sherlock Holmes number two it actually dates back about twenty five hundred years to 477 BC was invented by a man named Simonedes in Greece a mind palace is essentially a room or a building that you have memorized and you use the locations in that room to store data let me give me an example your your friends house you take off your jacket when you walk in the door and then you set your jacket down and chair you go throughout the party spend time at your friends house that day and in 3-4 hours when it comes time to leave you know exactly you need to go back to that chair to get your coat why because the chair hell that coat in your brain and that is exactly what I’m I’m palaces if your friend had two or three or four five pieces the furniture one you could put I had and one you can put your keys as you could in theory go back to each one of those locations and pick up the items that you left the Mind Palace works the same way you memorize locations in a room and then you later go back to those locations to retrieve the data that you want to remember the easiest way to build your very own mind palace is to stand in the doorway every room of your house standard or away start the left go around the room clockwise and pick five pieces of furniture number them one to 3 core 5 then go to the next room stand in the doorway in that room and label them 67 a 9 and 10 go to the next room 11 12 13 14 15 and every single room in your house picked five pieces of furniture and number them going around the room clockwise a few rules are from here make big items don’t pick small items and number to spread ’em at around the room good items to pick will be things like deaths are better TV to refrigerators stoves or microwaves are sinks are bookshelves are computers pic a lot different items but if you use a chair in one room don’t use it sure and the next these locations are going to be places where you at a mentally store data in your mind house now what you have these locations in your room number that I watch it close your eyes and i watch the sale all your files 1 all the way up to twenty or thirty have many have and then backwards 32.1% same forwards and backwards over and over again and tell you know them cold or and tell somebody gets a what was number 10 and you could say what it was just like that next a common objection to this is a sometimes people say wow Ron this is too much work are you really want me to number all these pieces the furniture in my house and memorize all these pieces the furniture just to memorize allister words are are something else that’s not really true you already have these locations memorized am not asking you to memorize your house you already have it memorized I’m just asking you to number and what you have it number it’s gonna be a crazy cool skill the gym you use to memorize anything you want now let me give you an example how you use this to memorize something let’s say that you want to memorize a list two words on that list words number eight was a dog well you already determined watcher a profile is maybe it was your better your dresser or desk for a computer let’s say it was a computer if number eight is your computer and I give you the word dog to memorize you visualize a dog on your computer the dogs by from the computer the dog barking at the puter the dogs run around the computer the more action emotion you see the better then I fake number nice water and let’s say that your number nine piece of furniture is a chair we see that sharing your brain and you imagine water pouring into the sky the water goes all over that chair then later when you want to recall the data you go back around your mind palace and on the number eight spot the computer you see a dog so you know the word was a dog on the number nine spot a chair you see water so you know that number nine was water you always use every file in chronological order and what I mean by that this if I say number 8 is a dog and you think all my number 13 piece of furniture is the mat where my dog sleeps I was going to match in my dog where a number thirteen you don’t do that you put the dog in the mind powers in the or that it falls it was the first word you put on the first piece of furniture if the third world people on the third piece of furniture if the aight word you put on the eight piece of furniture you put in the order that it falls not where it makes sense in your house and that’s important tip for the mind palace alright guys that is the Sherlock Holmes mind palace and I have used it for over two decades to memorize all kinds of things list forms books and even set the record for fastest memorize the debit cards in the United States you want more in-depth training on this I have a free training for you all set up its share of mind dot com get it by clicking the link right here for even the link in the description below a great training that will guide you through exactly how to build your own Sherlock Holmes mind palace it’s my free gift to you who hadn’t clicked the link and thank you for watching hi guys I hope you enjoy this video we got a lot more cool videos coming out next few weeks you’re gonna wanna see on so click the link below and subscribe so you make sure your can see those videos right when they first come out come on guys click right here subscribe here it is subscribe I

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