Nikola Tesla’s Supernormal Mind : Guru Purnima Part 1

[Dr. Pillai:] During July 16th through 19th, that’s the time of Guru Purnima, I am planning to have a workshop in San Diego for 4 days. I have many ideas that cross across my mind, but I’m going to put it in a special website for you to look at. I am very excited about Tesla, and he, and there are books written on him that he was a sorcerer, not in a bad sense. And he has also been called as a Messiah. So sorcerer or Messiah do not really mean much except that he was doing extraordinary supernormal or supernatural things. He said that he was able to see the connection between the imagination that he held in his mind and also the physical objects. Like even when he was very young, he calls it as an affliction that when he heard a word, and the object appeared before him. It was so tangible that he could even put his hand through it. And his brother Dan also had similar experience probably with genetics, or something. So this is a very interesting thing that happened to him which can be explained scientifically, as well as, from the point of view of Siddhi Powers, explained by the Siddhas and Yogis.

They are able to create things from their minds, create dimensional objects. And I also remember in the Jewish Tradition, particularly in the Zohar which is a Jewish mystical text of Kabbalah, the Kabbalists were able to do that too. Abraham, for instance, was able to create a goat that he wanted to sacrifice just by meditating on the word “goat.” You know, this is so fascinating to me and I want to do something with it during this program. That excites me and you know, this has been precisely explained by the Siddhas and the Yogis — by saying that the name and the form are one and the same. The name [is both] the idea and the object as Plato would talk about it. So that’s one thing. And I will keep talking about it so that I will keep engaging you and interest you to come and work together with me so that together we can explore the possibility of the human mind and the creative process.

God Bless..

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