OSHO: With Meditation Your Intelligence Will Be Growing

Silence shared in words presents With Meditation Your Intelligence Will Be Growing to the Last Breath of Your Life Do those cells needed for a lively and growing intelligence have only a limited life span, so that there is a point beyond which one either becomes senile or simply stagnates? Or, given the necessary stimulus, is it possible for intelligence to continue to grow right up to the moment of one’s death? The ordinary human being stops at age fourteen his growth of intelligence because the biological purpose is complete. At the age of fourteen, the person is mature enough to give birth, to reproduce. Biology is no longer interested beyond this point. This is the reason why the average human being is stuck at the age of fourteen as far as his mental age is concerned. People go on growing physically up to seventy, eighty, ninety, a hundred years in some places like Caucasia, up to one hundred and fifty, even one hundred and eighty. But their mental age remains stuck at fourteen. This has been the routine up to now. This can be changed. And this should be changed because there is infinite potential for growth, but the change will come only if you have some goals beyond biology.

If your life remains concerned only with sex, children, family, food, house, then there is no need; that much intelligence is enough. But if your interest is that of an Albert Einstein then your intelligence starts moving sometimes even ahead of your physical body. Emerson is reported to have said — and rightly so when asked how old he was — he said, “Three hundred and sixty years.” The journalist who was asking “Three hundred and sixty? You don’t look more than sixty.” Emerson said, “That’s right. From one point of view, I am sixty years old. But I have done so much work as far as my intelligence is concerned that either six people would be needed to do it or I would need three hundred and sixty years. My intelligence is so far ahead of my physical body.” Intelligence depends on what you are doing with it. The person who is meditating has the greatest possibility of reaching the highest peaks of intelligence, because in meditation he is doing the greatest possible work that a man is capable of, and that is realizing oneself, knowing: “Who am I.” Entering into the deepest interiority of one’s subjectivity is the greatest work for intelligence.

Then you cannot even count; you cannot count Gautam Buddha’s intelligence, it is beyond calculations, beyond measurements. And if you are a meditator, as your meditation goes on becoming more and more luminous, your intelligence will be growing to the last breath of your life. Not only that, even after the last breath your intelligence will continue to grow — because you are not going to die, only your body will be dying. And the body has nothing to do with intelligence; the mind has nothing to do with intelligence. Intelligence is the quality of your awareness — more aware, more intelligent. And if you are totally aware, you are as intelligent as this whole existence is. Copyright© OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland www.OSHO.com/copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation.

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