Sander, Portraits

(music) (“In The Sky With Diamonds” by Scalding Lucy) Juliana: This portrait that we’re looking at is by August Sander, German photographer. This portrait is titled “Secretary at a Radio Station, Cologne” and it’s from about 1931. Steven: Let’s see if I can remember this because it’s been a long time. Sander was trying to

The Philosophers (2013 drama)

I have to run home and change. Let’s just not go. I’m leaving now. Five minutes, five more minutes. Sssshhh! They know you’re here. Don’t go back to sleep. I won’t. <i>Selamat pagi</i>. <i>Pagi</i>. You know what Shakespeare said about punctuality? Better three hours too early, than one minute too late. My hand was on

How Does a Quantum Computer Work?

A classical computer performs operations using classical bits, which can be either zero or one. Now in contrast, a quantum computer users quantum bits or qubits. And they can be both zero and one at the same time. And it is this that gives a quantum computer its superior computing power. There are a number

What’s new in Android Studio 3.1

SPEAKER: Android Studio is now available for download or update in the Stable channel, along with version of the Android plugin for Gradle. With it, we’ve switched to using our brand new dexer, D8, for all your builds. It produces, on average, 10% to 15% smaller and more optimized dex bytecode without requiring any changes

5.4.2 Core memory

Dr. Robert van de Geijn: In the last video, we gave a relatively naive view of what a processor is and how the memory interacts with the processor. We then used this to justify that when you do a matrix matrix multiply, you can partition the matrix, and bring blocks of the matrix into cash.