There Are 30,000 Particle Accelerators In The World; What Do They All Do?!

When you hear the words “particle accelerator”, the first thing that probably pops in your mind is the Large Hadron Collider. I mean it is the most powerful atom-smashing machine on the planet, charged with unpacking the fundamental mysteries of our universe… I went there once, it’s pretty awesome! Particle accelerators do exactly that: accelerate

Why Do Some People Take More Risks?

[♩INTRO] We all do stupid things once in awhile. But some mistakes are worse than others: Sometimes grabbing a drink after work with your friends accidentally becomes an evening you can’t remember, and you’re just glad that you didn’t end up with alcohol poisoning or married and lost in Vegas. You usually don’t mean to

SFML 16 Memory Pages

This tutorial is about the memory pages of SmartFade ML. There are 24 faders for memories in Memory Mode. Each of these faders can hold one memory, and there are 12 pages of memory faders. So, basically, it’s 12 by 24. It’s a total capacity of 288 memories. Now, to change memory page, you hold

How Does Your Memory Work?

Your memories are interesting to think about. Not just those sticky situations from your travels that you always tell people about… …but what’s going on inside your brain! Because, every time you remember something, your brain calls on your memory network and instantly, the hippocampus and other parts of your brain, spring to action. They

What’s It Like To Have No Memory?

Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin. “Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” So says Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest. It’s a pretty accurate metaphor. Memories hold our secrets, our feelings, and our experiences. But what she doesn’t point out is that memories, just like diaries, can be