Remember Me app tutorial video

(Gentle background music plays throughout) (Dr Brendan Nelson:) My name is Brendan Nelson and I am the Director of the Australian War Memorial. I’m standing here in the cloister in front of the First World War Roll of Honour and on these bronze panels are the names of almost sixty two thousand Australians, who gave their lives for us, almost one hundred years ago. The youngest was James Martin. He was fourteen years and nine months. Welcome to our “Remember Me Project”. This will give you the opportunity to record the name and age of death, where we know it, of each one of them. So when visitors walk along here, they will hear your voice just saying who each one of them was and how old he or she was when they died for us. Now I’m going to ask Abbey Jane Bergen, from Mount Pritchard Public School in Sydney, to explain it to you and how it works, and thank you for doing this.

(Abbey-Jane Bergen:) Hi, I’m Abbey-Jane. My teacher first told me about “Remember Me”. My classmates and I are really excited. I believe it’s really important for us to honour the men and women who gave their lives for our country. The app, “Remember Me”, is an interesting way for us to honour and feel connected with these people. And I’m going to show you how to use it. (Abbey-Jane’s teacher:) The first thing you need to do is visit the website and register using your school email address. They will send an information pack to you about, “Remember Me”.

(Abbey-Jane Bergen:) Now that my teacher has logged into “Remember Me”, I’m going to start by taking the tutorial to make sure we are ready to record. You’re going to have to ensure that you’re in a quiet place. This way my voice can be loud and clear. The second step is a test that your microphone is working. We’ve plugged in a USB microphone. To know that your microphone is working, green will fill the shield. If your microphone isn’t working, you’ll have to talk to your classroom teacher. (Abbey-Jane’s teacher:) I followed the pdf instructions that were sent to me and read the frequently asked questions so that if there was any set-up issues, I knew what to do before I brought my class to record.

(Abbey-Jane:) Now we’re up to trimming the file. I’m going to get the red line and bring that all the way to the start of the recording and get the blue line and bring it all the way to the end. Just make sure you haven’t cut any pieces of the recording off. Now I’m going to play to make sure that my trimmimg is perfect. (Remember Me App recording plays:) Arthur Ernest Keppie, age unknown. The last step in the tutorial is to listen to some other people’s recordings to make sure that I know the speed and the volume that my recording should be up to. Press on the play button and you will hear some. (Remember Me App recording plays:) William Edward Ludlow Hughes, age 23. (Abbey-Jane:) So now I’m ready to start recording. There will be a soldier’s name up at the top and if you can’t pronounce the name that has been listed for you, you can refresh it or search any family members. So I’m going to click on to the red circle button to start recording.

Jesse Humphrey, age 19. Now I’m going to click the square button to stop recording and I’m going to listen back to it. Jesse Humphrey, age 19. Now I’m going to do the trimming as I previously showed you on the tutorial. So I’m going to pull the red line all the way to the start and pull the blue line all the way to the end. Now I’m going to click “Play my recording”. “Jesse Humphrey, age 19”. Perfect, now my teacher is going to enter in my name and we are going to submit. It will be then sent to the War Memorial and played over the speakers. Make sure you follow the instructions but if you have any problems, ask your teacher.

So good luck. (Dr Nelson:) Well thank you Abbey, that was amazing even I could do that now. So we look forward to hearing your voices as we walk along here in the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial. (Children’s voices) Rupert Robert Chanley, age unknown. George Hughes, age unknown. — Captioning services — ——- powered by ——– — —.

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