Shadowhunters 2×15 Sneak Peek #4 “A Problem of Memory” (HD) Season 2 Episode 15 Sneak Peek #4

Aline! In the flesh. It’s been years. What are you doing here? I would’ve given you both the heads up, but I didn’t want to spook my dear cousin. Who disappears for half a year only to show up here. Come here, you gorgeous English man! It’s good to see you, Aline. Sorry, excuse me. We’re all so worried about you. We thought you were dead. Yeah, um… I’m really sorry. Aunt Elodie was beside herself. And after she found out that you were safe, she still hadn’t heard from you. So she asked me to come here to make sure you’re alright.

Are you really a Yin Fen addict? He’s clean now. I feel terrible. I should’ve called. I guess I’m just ashamed, you know. I guess I’m not perfect as everyone thought. Trust me. I never thought you were perfect..

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