Spotlight | Episode 2 – ‘Down Memory Lane’ | Tridha Choudhury | A Web Series By Vikram Bhatt

Previously on Spotlight. Run! Run! – Sana has been shot. What? – Nothing will happen to you. I am here with you. Don’t worry. So now this bitch will gain more sympathy. Well, what’s abnormal about a kissing scene? You have no qualms in faking love? I do everything from my heart. Please move back, madam. Please. Just two minutes. – Please. Sir, you please move your hand aside. Call him out. – Get down. Give it to me. Get down. – Call him. This is just bloody getting out of hand. Doesn’t the media have anything else to do? This is their work, Mr. Raj. Anyway, I just got a message from my sources in News Today. They are going to go live about you right now. You might want to switch on the television. And we have the senior journalist Suraiya Khan.. ..News Today Entertainment Editor, Sameer Shah and Super Star, Priya.. ..who has worked a lot with Sana. Thank you all for coming to the studio. My first question is to Ms. Priya. Ms. Priya, just this morning Romesh Raj’s PR agents.. ..released this statement. Ms. Priya, how do you feel about this statement? I feel sad.

I have done many films with Romesh. And I have also done a film with Sana. How can Romesh give a statement of him being honest in such a situation… I have no clue. It’s almost like he is scared that now all the sympathy will go Sana.. he needs to create a counter for that beforehand. Until now I did not know, and frankly I did not care.. ..who was telling the truth in their controversy. But after this statement, Romesh is definitely looking very guilty. Fuck! Fuck! You happy now Sia, Mr. Shastri? I sound like a bloody prick out there. And Sana has become a goddess.

Just because she got shot. What’s the status on our defamation case? Forget about it. – What…? Look Mr. and Mrs. Raj, you need to understand.. ..that such cases are fought more in the media than in the court. These are perception battles. If you file a case and Sana dies then you are finished in terms of perception. You will lose all respect. A girl is dying and you are filing a defamation case against her? It will look distasteful. And if Sana doesn’t die then you are filing a case.. ..against that poor girl who just escaped death. Even more distasteful. So what now? There’s only one way. We have to get information on her. We have to dig up dirt on her and put it out there. You have to dig up dirt on her? How will that help? I’ll tell you how.

We need to tell the world that if Romeshnath is a liar.. ..then why did Dev Banerjee try to kill Sana? It’s obvious that Sana has upset him. So much so that he was even ready to go to prison after shooting at her. Just think about it, if we find 3-4 such people.. ..with whom Sana has played some game.. ..and we let the people know about it through the media. And then what happens? Slowly people’s opinion will change to maybe this is how Sana was.

And probably deserved to die. That’s a fabulous idea, Ajit. Let’s expose the bitch for what she truly is. I can’t believe we are planning this. She is fighting for her life and we are thinking about what people will think. Wow. Everything’s fair in love and war, Romesh. You need to decide, whether this is love or war. By the way, how will we execute this? Her biographer. – Her biographer? Why would she say anything to anyone? She doesn’t need to talk to anyone. You need to talk to her. She has left the house. – Okay. Be careful. There should be no goof ups. Yes, sir. Don’t worry. Yes, come in. Sir, Ms. Madhu has come to meet you. Should I send her in? Send her in. – Okay, sir. Ms. Madhu… Come, come. Thank you so much for coming to meet me. Call me Madhu. Madhu. Okay. Hello? – It’s me, Sood. Tell Mr. Romesh that today’s meeting is confirmed. Okay sir, I’ll tell him. Sir, Mr. Sood just called. He said that today’s meeting is confirmed. Okay. There should be no signs of a forced entry.

Don’t worry, sir. There was a double lock on the door. Of a cheap quality. It took me just two minutes. Don’t be overconfident. No fingerprints, no sign of anything having been moved. No nothing. Understand? Yes, sir. Don’t worry. Look ma’am, I’m not asking you to go against your principles. But please do understand. Only you know Sana’s side of the story. Listen, I am sorry. I don’t like that a man of your stature is requesting me like this.. ..and that I have to say no to you. But you must understand, I am helpless. Madhu ma’am, I know you from the time I entered the industry. And you know me very well. Do you think that I am that kind of a man? Romesh, I know you.

But in this case, Sana’s trust in me is at stake. I think you are asking too much of me. Hello? – Sir, you won’t believe what I found. Whatever this lady and Sana spoke about.. files of their conversation are saved on this laptop. We have all the audio files. Fucking awesome! No signs. Remember? Let me be honest, ma’am. No one knows whether Sana will survive this. But I am here, alive. And I have to stay here. And I have to think about my reputation. So… Romesh, like you said, I know you from quite a few years. Not just you, I know all the stars. But excuse me for saying this, you want to do everything.. …but you don’t want to bear its consequences. You want to have drugs, but you don’t want to get caught. You want to have affairs, but you want to protect your reputation.

I am sorry Mr. Raj, but it doesn’t work like that. When you dance in the rain, you get wet. Take my advice, son. Be one person. When you are too many people in one, you are a lot of nothing. Anyway, I must get going. Thanks for the coffee. Ma’am, you can finish your coffee. No, it’s okay. See you, bye. Hello? Sir, transfer is complete. Very good. Now quickly get out of there. And be careful. – Okay, sir. Let’s go. All the conversations Sana had with Madhu Sharotia are in this pendrive. In a way, her whole life is locked in it.

I haven’t heard what’s in it. And I didn’t let anyone hear it either. Why? Because that is your job. What dirt about Sana Sanial’s life needs to be exposed.. ..that decision must be taken by you. It’s too dangerous to put all her life’s information out there. Why? Any one of us can hear it. Why only Romesh? Have you ever paid attention on bathroom fittings, Mrs. Raj? If you use the shower, the water is out of control.

If you use the tap, the water is in complete control. Information is just like water. It is very difficult to control it. And at the moment, we need a tap. And not a shower. Fine. I just hope I make the right choices. Romesh, it’s time for your flight. Mr. Shastri, please get my laptop along. So, here we are, Sana. You are sure you want to do this? Yes. – You know Ms. Madhu… Please call me Madhu. Alright. Madhu. The kind of life that I have lead.. …if I put the whole truth about my life in front of everyone.. …then I wonder how many people would be ready to kill me. Then I thought that even if I don’t do that..

…then too there are many who are always ready to kill me. So, you are going to be totally honest? Without giving this a thought that.. …you’ll end up making many enemies after reading your book? Yes, completely honest. There is no friendship or enmity here. If you are successful, everyone is your friend. Otherwise, everyone is your enemy. And I am fine with it. So let’s begin. Sure. Let’s begin at the beginning. I have read it on the internet… …that your father was a school teacher in Darjeeling.. …and your mother used to teach children at home. Lies. Before telling the truth about someone else’s life.. ..I should start by telling you my dirty truth. Madam! Madam! Wake up, madam. Your mother has regained consciousness. She wants to talk to you.

Mummy? See mummy, my prayers have been answered. Didn’t I tell you that you would get well soon. Don’t be too pleased, dear. I think I am like a light that shines brightest before it extinguishes. What are you saying? I want to tell you something. I don’t have much time. Listen carefully. I have never hidden anything from you. As to who is your father. And the fact that I never got married to him. And that you are an illegitimate child. Yes, I never felt as if I have done anything wrong. So there was no reason ever to hide anything from you. But yes,… I want you to leave this city after I die. And go to your father. I’ve… I’ve written this letter. Go to Mumbai to your father with this letter. He… He’s a nice man. He will be good to you. Just trust me. I am not going anywhere, mom. This is my home. I’m not leaving you and going anywhere.

You just can’t leave me alone, mom. Please. I’m not leaving. – Sana… I am not going anywhere. – Sana, you have to be strong. Please, mom. – Listen to me, Sana. You have to leave this place. You’ll have to leave this city. This… This… This city isn’t good enough for you. If you stay here… …you will be a keep’s, a prostitute’s daughter all your life. And I don’t want this life for you.

You leave this place. You will have to leave this city, Sana. Say…say pro…say promise No, mom. Say…say promise. Excuse me. Where are you going, madam? I need to give a letter to Ranjit Thakur. Give it to me. I will give it to him. – I need to give this to him personally. Why don’t you understand? – Madam, no one can meet sir personally. Who are you? I am his… Sana Sanial. Tell him Mohua Sanial’s daughter is here from Palampur. Please. Who is Mohua Sanial? – How does it concern you? Does anyone who comes here introduce himself/herself to you or to your boss? Those who know him, they talk over the phone and take an appointment. Please go, take an appointment and come back. Or else ask Mohua to take an appointment. Mohua Sanial. – Whoever she is. Mohua Sanial, please move back. Come on, everyone. Move back! Come on, move back! Move aside, madam.

Move back! Ranjit Thakur is your father? I wish it was a lie. We’ve promised to be honest..

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